Today in McConaughey: No shirt, no shoes, full service

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Could Matthew McConaughey have a challenger for the title of Most Frequently Shirtless Actor In Hollywood?

Poor Dears: the case of the disappearing tour bus

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You'd think that having most of your members jump ship during the recording of an album would be a substantial enough challenge for one band to overcome in the space of a year or so. And though Montreal orchestral rock romantics the Dears endured that setback and emerged with the triumphant Missiles, today brought an even bigger obstacle. Like, the size of a tour bus (or the empty space left behind when one vanishes into thin air).

Girls just wanna have fun: the return of Lilith Fair

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Those with a penchant for baby-doll dresses, prepare to rock! Representatives from Nettwerk Music Group confirmed yesterday that Lilith Fair, the all-female traveling roadshow founded by Sarah McLachlan back in the mid-90s, will make a triumphant return to stages in 2010.

Arcade Fire tops British list of top 50 albums

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The British site has just turned five, and accordingly, has issued a list devoted to spotlighting the Top 50 albums of the past five years. A Canadian album came out on top.

New Music 04/28: Japandroids, Little Boots, John K Samson and more

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Japandroids' fuzzy teen dreams, spacey synths from Little Boots and Winnipeg's wonderful Wednesday-night music club: this week's new musical discoveries.

Long live the NEW new flesh?: Videodrome remake in the works

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I try to keep an open mind about horror-movie remakes. Really, I do. The Haunting (1999)? Kind of fun, actually. The Fog (2005)? No worse than the original. The Omen (2006)? Sorta scary in places!

And then there's Bea: Remembering Bea Arthur

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Bea Arthur passed away over the weekend at age 86, and I'm feeling totally bereft.

Get rich or dye tryin': Susan Boyle's 50 quid makeover

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It's been almost two weeks since unlikely star Susan Boyle's audition for Britain's Got Talent first aired in the UK, but the Blackburn, Scotland-based singing sensation is still making noise in the media.

Sofia Coppola's Somewhere: A place we'd rather not visit?

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Though I never cared much for Sofia Coppola's work as an actor (The Godfather III = FAIL), she's proved herself to be a fine director with a talent for creating sharp features that are visually sumptuous and unconventionally interesting, if not always entirely successful. It was exciting to imagine what Coppola would come up with as a follow-up to 2006's Marie Antoinette, but now that news of her latest project has hit the airwaves, I'm not so sure I'm sold.

Beyonce's week of shame

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Though it sounded vaguely like a cat being strangled (or maybe Sasha Fierce having a particularly bad hair day), Howard Stern claimed an audio clip he aired earlier this week featured the actual, unpolished board mix of pop superstar Beyonce Knowles singing her hit If I Were A Boy live on the Today Show last November.