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The artist sometimes known as Prince dropped his latest effort, Lotusflow3r, this past weekend, and like everything else he undertakes, this newest release comes shrouded in both hype and mystery.

Though I’ve heard rumours Lotusflow3r is a return to Prince’s fan-funking-tastic Purple Rain-era glory, I’m having trouble finding any cuts from the album online, except for three brief snippets on the Target website, where Lotusflow3r is being sold for the recession-era price of $11.98 US.

Ricky Gervais vs. Elmo

As you all know, we here at Arts Online get pretty excited about any videos involving muppets, and this latest, which is currently making the rounds on Facebook, is no exception.

This outtake, which features British comic Ricky Gervais horsing around with Elmo during a recent visit to Sesame Street, may mark the first time necrophilia has ever received a mention in a Sesame Workshop production.

I love Ang Lee, I really do. I was hooked on his early Mandarin-language films like Eat Drink Man Woman and The Wedding Banquet. But for every great movie Lee's made (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, The Ice Storm), there's a total turkey to even the score (Ride With The Devil, The Hulk). And now that I've seen an early trailer for his latest flick, I can't decide which category it falls under.

Earlier today, Spike Jonze and his crew unveiled the first teaser trailer for his much-anticipated live-action feature adaptation of the beloved children's book Where The Wild Things Are.

In our current economic crisis, nobody is immune to feeling the sting of harsh cutbacks and financial chaos. Even timeless icons have been forced to resort to desperate measures.

South By Southwest, Austin's annual culture fest, wrapped up this weekend. One musical curiosity that made its way out of SXSW is a killer cover of T.I.'s Whatever You Like, courtesy of San Diego singer-songwriter Anya Marina.

See Jane blog

Legendary actress Jane Fonda made a triumphant return to the stage recently, starring in the Beethoven-themed Broadway play 33 Variations. If you're a Fonda fan who's bummed about not being in NYC to catch the production, you'll be relieved to learn Hanoi Jane has been blogging and Twittering about her entire experience on the Great White Way.

After an extended hiatus, Pretty Woman Julia Roberts is back on big and small screens. the actor's been making the talk show rounds to promote her new film, Duplicity, which comes out in wide release this week. Most of her interviews are pretty standard, but last night's Letterman appearance was a rare moment of late-night brilliance.

Ever since I first saw the Yeah Yeah Yeahs perform live in 2004, I’ve been waiting for frontwoman Karen O to make her move from indie darling to international rock star status.

The less said about last night's American Idol episode, the better. The musical gongshow featured the top 11 finalists making feeble attempts at covering twangy classics (and contemporary schmaltz) from the annals of the Grand Ole Opry.

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