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This is seriously one of the best things ever. The Cartoon Network's monstrously adorable Home for Imaginary Friends was a delightful float to begin with, but throw in Rick Astley and the whole shebang becomes a meta-pop cult moment for the ages.

Well, the verdicts are in, and it's unanimous: Rosie O'Donnell's much-ballyhooed holiday variety special was an earth-shattering, Grand Canyon-forming flop.

Meet the Cruise-Beckhams

In these tough economic times, perhaps the only way for two formerly independent institutions to survive and prosper is to fuse into one. That must be Tom Cruise's rationale behind his planned merger with the Beckham family.

Britney is Lucky. (No, really!)

Award shows are to Britney Spears what annual doctor's check-ups are to common people. To clarify: Most folks are casual Britney fans, so her award show performances serve as our chance to check in with our girl. And much like a medical physical, these annual events can trigger a sense of anxiety around anticipating bad news as the years progress.

Turkey time

Regardless of where you stand when it comes to the United States and their capitalist holidays, our neighbours to the south certainly know how to make their own fun. While Thanksgiving has come and gone in Canada, our American buddies celebrate their own turkey festival today. And oh, what a great feast of Thanksgiving-related tidbits the internet has to offer.

Even though it seemed to be about -- to borrow a phrase from Madonna -- getting stupid at a club, I found myself grudgingly enjoying Lady Gaga's single Just Dance this summer. The track was one of those squelchy guilty pleasures that never failed to make me bounce in my seat whenever it came on a car radio.

Mimes act out album covers!

Online music mag The Quietus has unveiled a new time-wasting activity on their website. In keeping with their name, it's a silent game, in which mimes act out a famous album cover.

As a long-time viewer (and dedicated fan) of Law & Order: SVU, I fear that this season may signal the moment where the show jumps the shark.

Axl Rose needs some pep

In the (then-unlikely) event that Guns N' Roses finally, after years of empty promises, managed to release their long-awaited Chinese Democracy album, the people at Dr. Pepper pledged to give a free can of pop to everyone in the U.S. And now that the album's out, GN'R frontman Axl Rose is taking the soft drink company to task for not following through on its offer.

I love it when truly independent artists get major exposure in the mainstream media, especially when the boost is kinda-sorta accidental. Such is the case with the enchanting music-and-video collaboration between Toronto visual artist Margaux Williamson and anarchist alt-folk-pop-rock act Tomboyfriend.

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