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Hey, Dragonette: (no) thanks for oversharing!

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Illustration by Jillian Tamaki

Being bombarded by questionable press releases is one of the occupational hazards of working in arts media. We receive so many bizarro band bios, film packages and sell sheets for popcult curiosities that most of 'em barely register, regardless of how many poorly constructed sentences, absurd claims or hilarious typos are contained in the promotional material. But every so often, one of those documents stands out.

Today's submission for the Press Release Hall of Shame comes from the camp of Dragonette, the trashy electronic pop ensemble anchored by sometime-Torontonians Dan Kurtz and Martina Sorbara.

The blurb sheet has its share of awkward sentence structure and misguided turns of phrase -- try parsing the following snippet without wincing: "It's clear that this clever and glamorous cohesion of talent and shameless honesty is exactly what will take Dragonette beyond the realms of any hipster hyped about band (even though they have all the right factors that equate to any partygoer’s dream night out) and carry them into the mainstream superstar arena through out [sic] 2009."

“We met at a Canadian music festival we were both playing at,” Martina explains “…and then we screwed.”

“And then I left my girlfriend.” states Dan.

The rest was, as we say history and Dragonette was born with a marriage soon on the horizon.

Not that an artist's fidelity -- or other personal details -- necessarily need to determine one's relative appreciation of their music. I don't even know if it's the cheaty factor that bugs me about this bio. More than anything, it's the way both Sorbara and Kurtz use those few lines to put on an obnoxious "we're so badass; we're so lusty" performance that bolsters the tissue-thin veneer of edginess Dragonette try so desperately to assert in their band persona. It's the same thing that irks me about their forgettable-but-catchy songs I Get Around and Competition (particularly the latter).

--Sarah Liss

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