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'Great replacement' conspiracy that inspired Buffalo shooter also unifies white supremacists in Canada

Whether it goes by the "great replacement" or another name, the conspiracy theory embraced by the accused Buffalo, N.Y., gunman has inspired several mass shootings in recent years — in Canada and around the world.

International students waiting months for Canadian visa approvals amid immigration backlog

Some international students looking to finally come to Canada to attend post-secondary school say they've been waiting months for Ottawa to approve their study permits, putting their education and lives on hold. Some had already begun Canadian online learning.

The usual treatment for back pain could actually be making it worse

A study conducted by researchers at McGill University and scientists from Italy suggests that blocking inflammation after injury might make that pain chronic — a finding that challenges the standard approach to treating pain.

Adrian Stimson's bison paintings force viewers to reckon with Canada's colonial history

Manifest Buffalo, a current exhibition of 36 paintings by Indigenous artist Adrian Stimson in London, England, tells the story of the bison in North America and the resilience of the Blackfoot people.

With Kenney's exit, the 'resistance' era is over — but something louder might follow

In 2018, Maclean’s put five Conservative leaders on its cover and billed them as “the resistance." The demise of this political effort to push back on Trudeau government policies tells us a lot about the politics of the last few years — but it might also set the stage for a new and fiercer kind of resistance.

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