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Retiree out $300K after Canada Post loses inheritance cheque sent by registered mail

A $300,000 certified cheque is missing after it was sent through Canada Post registered mail from Ontario to Quebec. The only way to get a new one leaves the man who sent it liable if the original is cashed by the wrong person.

A messy world once again intrudes on Canada's tidy partisan debates

One of the more remarkable aspects of Canada's diplomatic brawl with India over the killing of a Canadian Sikh activist is how rarely it gets mentioned by our politicians. We tend to give scant attention to foreign affairs in this country — a luxury we may no longer be able to afford.

Every detail on her status card from Indigenous Services Canada was correct — except for the photo

When Cynthia Williams received her Certificate of Indian Status card from Indigenous Services Canada, she says she was shocked to see it had the wrong picture on it.

Is Britain broken? Strikes, schools at risk of collapse expose broader challenges facing U.K.

In the U.K., a growing mound of public infrastructure problems — understaffed prisons, schools that are literally crumbling, several public-sector strikes — is feeding a deep sense of gloom across the country that has an election on the horizon.

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