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Manitoba town reeve 'shocked' over armed man's arrest at Rideau Hall

The armed Manitoba man arrested after ramming his truck through the front gate of the Ottawa property where the prime minister lives is being described as a pleasant man who might have fallen on hard times financially.

U.S. son can't see sick mother in Canada because he's not 'immediate family' under current regulations

Mary Goldman says she was shocked when the Canada Border Services Agency confirmed that her brother wouldn't be allowed in the country because he does not fall under any of the categories for a family exemption, even though their mother is Canadian.

Canadian drivers with U.S. licence plates harassed by fellow Canadians

Some Canadians driving cars with U.S. licence plates say they've endured vandalism, harassment and even a minor assault from fellow Canadians convinced that they're Americans illegally in Canada. 

What social science says about convincing people to wear masks during the COVID-19 pandemic

How do you convince people in Canada to wear masks? Experts say mandating, not just recommending it, would go a long way to helping people see them as necessary as wearing seatbelts and driving sober.

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