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Former Republican U.S. attorney general calls angry reaction to Mar-a-Lago search 'outrageous,' urges calm

Trump refused to answer questions at deposition over family’s business dealings

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Ontario class action settlement reclassifies volunteers as employees, setting new precedent

More than four years after the launch of a class action lawsuit against a company that ran student travel excursions, an Ontario court has approved a settlement between the organization and former trip leaders who argued they were not paid as employees.

Air Canada, WestJet continue to deny compensation for flight disruptions caused by crew shortages

The Canadian Transportation Agency recently clarified that, in general, airlines can’t deny passengers compensation for flight disruptions caused by crew shortages. However, the clarification has only ignited fury for some passengers who have since been denied compensation — due to crew shortages.

Lumber, wheat, and oil: Tumbling prices could mean the worst of inflation is over

Real estate and many commodities have fallen in value in recent months

Polio largely vanished thanks to vaccines. So why is it now back in more countries?

Polio, a potentially disabling virus that’s long been forgotten in many parts of the world, is now circulating in parts of the U.S. and U.K., on the heels of an outbreak in Israel. Medical experts say it’s a wake-up call that the virus still poses a threat to anyone who remains unvaccinated.

Newfoundland fires stabilizing as crews prepare to fight flames on foot

Provincial forest fire duty officer Jeff Motty says the fire burning Paradise Lake saw no changes in size since the last on Wednesday, while the fire burning near the Bay d'Espoir Highway has has shrunk by 155 hectares.

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