Hello spring, good riddance winter of our discontent

Suffering through polar vortex, ice storm, bitter cold

CBC News Last Updated: March 20, 2014

It was a winter studded with mountainous snowbanks, a punishing “polar vortex” and booming frost quakes. Now, as we head into spring, the frosty temperatures are lingering in many regions of the country.

Surprisingly, for all of the season’s weather drama, few records were broken across the country, according to Environment Canada. But what actually set this winter apart from all others is the cold without reprieve, said Matthew MacDonald, an Environment Canada meteorologist.

“It was cold for a really long time, with no melt period,” MacDonald said. “It stayed cold and so the snow stayed on the ground.”

MacDonald notes however, that some areas of the country, particularly in the Northeast Arctic, were warmer than normal. Reduced snow depth and ice coverage made hunting and travel difficult.

So as spring finally arrives (at least according to the calendar), take a last look at a winter that will be hard to forget.


» Sources: Environment Canada, CBC News stories

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