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Athens, Greece

The opening ceremonies in Athens,Greece 1896

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First modern Olympic games took place from April 6 to 15, 1896 in Athens, Greece. Athens would host the games again in 2004.

Georges Andre lends the Olympic Oath during the opening ceremonies of the VIII Olympic Games on May 4, 1924 in Paris, France.

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Paris, France

Paris, France was the host city of the 1900 Olympics. It took place over 5 months from May 20 to October 28, 1900.

In 1924, Paris would host the Olympics again from May 4 to July 24, 1924.

Bike polo is being played during the 1904 Olympics.

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St. Louis, U.S.

St. Louis hosted the Olympic games in 1904. The events ran between July 1 to November 23.

THe ArcelorMittal Orbit sculpture is standing in front of the Olympic Stadium in the Olympic Park, London in 2012.

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London, U.K.

London first hosted the games in 1908. London would repeat its hosting duties again in 1948 and 2012. London was also supposed to host the 1944 games, but they were cancelled due to World War II.

The exterior of the Olympics stadium in Stockholm, Sweden in 1912.

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Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm hosted the Olympic games from May 5-July 22, 1912.

The opening ceremonies during the VII Olympics in Antwerp, Belgium in 1920.

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Antwerp, Belgium

The 1916 Olympics in Berlin was cancelled due to World War I. Antwerp, Belgium was the host for the VII Olympics. It took place from April 20-September 12, 1920.

Lord David George Brownlow Cecil (centre),on his way to winning the Men's 400-Metre Hurdles and tying the Olympic record for the event at the Amsterdam games, 1928.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam hosted the Olympics from May 17-August 12, 1928.

The Los Angeles Coliseum was a venue for the 1932 and 1984 Olympic Games.

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Los Angeles, U.S.

The City of Angels would host the Olympics from July 30-August 14, 1932 and from July 28-August 12, 1984.

The torch bearer runs through the streets en route to the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, Germany

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Berlin, Germany

Berlin hosted the Olympic games on August 1-16, 1936.

Flags of the various nations during the closing ceremony of the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki, Finland.

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Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki hosted the Olympics games from July 19 to August 3, 1952.

Teams assemble in Melbourne Cricket Ground for the opening ceremony of the 1956 Summer Olympics

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Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne hosted the games from November 22-December 8, 1956.

Italian athlete Giancarlo Peris brings the Olympic flame to the Olympic Stadium in Rome

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Rome, Italy

Host of the 1960 Olympics.

Yoshinori Sakai, a student born in Hiroshima on the day the first atomic bomb devastated the city walks up the stairs with a torch during the opening ceremony for the 1964 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games

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Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo hosted the 1964 games. Tokyo will be the host of the 2020 games.

During the opening ceremony of the Mexico City Olympic games, Mexican athlete Norma Enriqueta Basilio de Sotelo is the first woman to light the Olympic flame.

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Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City hosted the 1968 games.

The closing ceremony of the 1972 Munich games.

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Munich, Germany

Host of the 1972 Olympic games.

The Olympic flame during the opening ceremony of the 1976 Montreal Olympics

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Montreal, Quebec

Host of the 1976 games.

The Opening ceremonies of the 1980 Summer Olympic Games in Moscow, Russia.

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Moscow, Soviet Union

Host of the 1980 Olympic games.

The U.S. and 65 other countries boycotted the games in Moscow due to the Soviet-led war on Afghanistan though some athletes in the boycotted countries managed to participate in the games under the Olympic flag.

Olympic rings and the Olympic emblem at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea.

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Seoul, Korea

Host of the 1988 Olympic games.

The closing ceremony during the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain

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Barcelona, Spain

Host of the 1992 Olympic games. This was the last year when both the Summer and Winter Olympics games were held in the same year.

The Olympic flame as seen in front of the skyline of the southern Georgian city of Atlanta in 1996

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Atlanta, U.S.

Host of the 1996 Olympic games.

During the closing ceremony for the 2000 Olympic games in Sydney, fireworks light up the Sydney Harbour Bridge and surrounding skyline.

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Sydney, Australia

Host of the 2000 Olympic games.

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Beijing, China

Host of the 2008 Olympic games.

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Host of the 2016 Olympic games. Also this will be first time the Olympic games will be hosted by a South American country.