Sports: Biathlon, cross-country skiing
Capacity: 15,000 (7,500 each for biathlon and cross-country)

Both biathlon and cross-country sports have their own start and finish areas and warm-up zones. The centre shares the name of the nearby Laura River which, in turn, was named after a local legend: Laura was a young woman who jumped into the river's turbulent current rather than live with a prince she did not love.

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Sports: Alpine skiing
Capacity: 7,500
Start of use: December 2011 (area 1) and September 2012 (area 2)
After the Olympics: Commercial ski resort

Organizers redesigned and rebuilt an existing ski area here, bringing more than 20 km of competition tracks up to international standards. With a summit elevation of 2,438 metres, it is reported to be similar to the Whistler runs used in the 2010 Vancouver Games.

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Sports: Freestyle skiing and snowboard
Capacity: 10,250 (4,000 for freestyle ski and 6,250 for snowboard)
Start of use: September 2012
After the Olympics: Sports training centre

Located on the west side of the Rosa Khutor plateau, the two facilities have been nicknamed HAM (halfpipe, aerials, moguls) and PSX (parallel, slopestyle, cross).

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Sports: Bobsled, skeleton, luge
Capacity: 5,000
Start of use: 2012
After the Olympics: Training centre for national team

Organizers say the course is the first in Russia to have three upward slopes, which help to slow speeds and safeguard athletes. There is roughly 1.8 km of competition track, including 314 metres of braking area. The top speed is 135 km/h.

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Sports: Ski jump, Nordic combined
Capacity: 7,500
Start of use: 2012
After the Olympics: Training centre for national team

The RusSki hill will feature an Olympic first: the women's ski jump competition, which has been added to the schedule for the first time.

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