Radon gas levels high across Canada

Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in Canada among non-smokers

By Michael Pereira, CBC News Last Updated: June 3, 2014

Editor's note: The map version of this interactive is no longer available. The original information is still available from Health Canada.

In 2012 Health Canada released a report showing that 6.9 per cent of Canadians are living in homes with radon levels above the current Canadian guidelines of 200 becquerels per cubic metre (Bq/m3).

CBC News has obtained and plotted the data showing the results of approximately 14,000 radon tests in homes across Canada. Locations on the map are nearest approximations based on partially-redacted postal data.

Radon is a naturally-emitted radioactive gas that enters homes by seeping in through cracks in foundations, pipes and windows. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in Canada, causing an estimated 3,000 deaths a year.

Despite existing test results in your neighbourhood, radon levels can vary from house to house. Health Canada recommends that all Canadians test their homes.