Was Own The Podium worth it?

Canada won 25 medals, finished 4th in rankings

By Tara Kimura and Michael Pereira, CBC News Last Updated: February 24, 2014

Canada's Own The Podium program, which divvied up $80 million between the winter sports based on medal probabilities, set a target of contending for No. 1 in the Olympic medal count for Sochi. Ultimately, Canada finished fourth in the overall medal rankings, capturing 25 medals — 10 of which were gold. By comparison, Canada claimed 26 medals, including 14 golds, at the Vancouver 2010 Games.

Own The Podium funding - the bulk of which comes from the federal government — is used for coaching, training facilities, equipment and other costs. Hover over the bar chart below to see the funding amounts for each sport and mouse over the medals to read more about how the Own The Podium money was invested.




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