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Shé:kon Kwe Boozhoo Tânsi Uplaakut

Understanding Indigenous languages

Language is more than what we use to communicate. Through language, we begin to understand each other, and the land that we live on.

We're highlighting a few of the many diverse Indigenous languages that exist across the country.


Listen and learn from language keepers

Learn a Mi'kmaw Lesson


A Mi'kmaw lesson from language teacher Curtis Michael.

Bighetty & Bighetty


These brothers — and their Cree-speaking puppets — are cracking up communities across the country.

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Elder, Bernie Francis, smiles into the camera.

Ask an elder


Elders play an important role — they are knowledge keepers, storytellers and have a deep understanding of culture and tradition. Meet elders from across the country as they answer your questions.

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Elders prepare a meal.

Sharing our traditions: exploring the life and culture of the James Bay Cree

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What people are doing to promote and revitalize Indigenous languages

Meet the 9-year-old who's learning 5 different languages


Nine-year-old Rotehrhatá:se Lahache is learning Kanien’kéha at immersion school, but has also taken up learning Cayuga, French and Spanish on his own.

For this grandmother-grandson duo, speaking Ojibway is 'an act of defiance'


Patricia Ningewance never imagined she'd one day teach Ojibway at the residential school that tried to steal the language from her.

Meme of Mr. Burns from the Simpsons in the Mohawk language.

Meet the man who is helping revitalize Mohawk language through memes

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Mother and daughter hugging.

Mother and daughter learn Cree together and share teaching techniques

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How Indigenous languages are being preserved and recorded

How CBC is sharing Indigenous languages


A glimpse inside projects ongoing at CBC North that focus on language.

Marlene Grooms, Host of Denesuline Yatie.

Keepers of the Language: Chipewyan host says it's never too late to learn

As host of CBC North's Denesuline Yatia radio program, Marlene Grooms says she is constantly learning more about her language.

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Susie Zettler, Researcher for CBC.

Learn more about CBC's Indigenous languages archives project

Seventeen people are archiving 75,000 hours of recorded stories collected over six decades by the CBC.

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