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Oil: Where Canada stands in the global picture

Billions in reserves, heavy reliance on U.S. market for exports

Last Updated: June 25, 2013

Canada is the world's sixth-largest oil producer, making 3.43 million barrels of crude daily. And with some of the planet's largest proven reserves (albeit with most in the difficult-to-extract oilsands), this country stands to be a major player in the market for decades to come.

Canada is a net oil exporter and the amount it trades abroad has grown by 700 per cent since 1985. Yet the U.S. remains virtually its only customer, with 99 per cent of exports going south of the border.
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All figures are for 2010 unless indicated.

Sources: BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2010, CIA Factbook, U.S. Energy Information Administration, National Energy Board

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