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Capital punishment around the world: 2012

Last Updated: April 10, 2013

An Amnesty International report noted that the number of executions worldwide is on the decline, but executions resumed in countries where they had not been recently practiced, including Japan.

The figure does not include the thousands of people who were believed to have been executed in China, where such figures are considered a state secret and are not published or reported.

This map, produced by Amnesty International, shows which countries have retained or abolished the death penalty and how many death sentences they've passed or carried out in 2012.

Click the countries to see their current position towards the death penalty and how many death sentences were passed and executions were carried out there in 2012 according to Amnesty International's data.


  • Abolished death penalty

  • Retains death penalty (No executions nor death sentences imposed)

  • Retains death penalty (Death sentences imposed)

  • Executed 1 - 9

  • Executed 10 - 99

  • Executed 100 - 999

  • Executed 1,000+

  • No data available

Source: Amnesty International

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