J4 pod_v02 IMPRESS Created with Sketch. Mama J 4 - 1995 * 1957 Tsuchi J 31 b. 1995 Mako J 39 b. 2003 Nova J 51 b. 2015 Blackberry J 27 b. 1991 Unnamed J 56 b. 2019 J4 Shachi J 22 b. 1979 Blossom J 11 - 2008 * 1972 Eclipse J 41 b. 2005

Mama, also known as J4, is the matriarch of this line. She is thought to have lived from approximately 1957 to 1995. Mama had two daughters. Shachi, also known as J22, was born in 1979. Blossom, also known as J11, is thought to have lived from approximately 1972 to 2008. Blossom had three children. Her two sons were Blackberry, or J27, who was born in 1991, and Mako, or J39, born in 2003. Her daughter, Tsuchi, is also known as J31 and she was born in 1995. Tsuchi had a daughter in 2019 currently known as J56. Blossom's sister Satchi had one daughter named Eclipse, or J41, who was born in 2005. Eclipse had a son in 2015 named Nova, or J51.