J2 pod_v02 IMPRESS Created with Sketch. Granny J 2 - 2017 * 1911 Sissy J 12 - 1996 * 1935 Samish J 14 - 2016 1974 Se yi Chn J 45 b. 2009 Hy'Shqa J 37 b. 2001 Shuttles J 40 b. 2004 J2 Tilem I'nges J 49 b. 2012 Unknown Unnamed Unnamed J 55 - 2016 2016

Granny, also known as J2, is the matriarch of this line. She is thought to have lived from approximately 1911 to 2017. Granny had a daughter, Sissy, also known as J12. She is thought to have lived from approximately 1935 to 1996. Sissy had a daughter named Samish, also known as J14, who lived from 1974 to 2016. Samish gave birth to one son and two daughters. Her son, Se yi Chn, also known as J45, was born in 2009. Her daughter Shuttles, also known as J40, was born in 2004. Her daughter Hy'Shqu, also known as J37, was born in 2001. Hy'Shqu had two children. One was a son named Tilem I'nges, also known as J49. The other was a calf of unknown gender, who died the same year it was born, in 2016. The calf was never named, but was known as J55.