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How the Cyclone helicopter compares to the Sea King

Last Updated: July 24, 2013

Canada's first Sea King helicopters, a variation on a design used by the U.S. Navy and originally designated the CHSS-2, went into service at Shearwater, N.S. on Aug. 1, 1963. After the Canadian Armed Forces integrated in 1968, the Sea Kings' designation was changed to CH-124.

At the end of the month, Sea King veterans and fans will celebrate its 50th anniversary at Shearwater and Patricia Bay, B.C.

Originally deployed for anti-submarine warfare, the Sea King's missions have also included search and rescue (SAR) and disaster relief, surveillance, sanctions and embargo enforcement, counter-terrorism and counter-narcotic operations, and fisheries and pollution patrols.

After an impressive 50 years of service, the Sea King is slated to be phased out of service as Canada’s main maritime helicopter but its replacement, the CH-148 Cyclone, based on the Sikorsky H-92 Superhawk, is long overdue.

Here's a comparison of the two aircraft.

(Photos: Darryl Dyck and Andrew Vaughan, Canadian Press)

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