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CBC News Last Updated: Feb. 11, 2014

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty on Tuesday presents his 10th federal budget. We take a look at past budget speeches, dating back to 2009. The text from the speeches has been visualized in the word clouds below.

The larger the word appears in the illustration, the more often it was spoken during the address. Some frequently used words, such as "Canada", "Canadian" and "Government" have been excluded.


Federal Budget speech - Feb. 11, 2014

Finance Minster Jim Flaherty's 2014 budget - his 10th including the two budgets around the 2011 election - was expected to stick to a deficit-reduction track while including a few targeted measures to support the auto sector, reduce youth unemployment and appeal to consumers upset about high cellphone fees, spotty rural internet service and the gap between prices in Canada and the U.S. | View full budget documents

Federal Budget speech - Mar. 21, 2013

Last year, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty tabled a stay-the-course budget, keeping the government on pace to eliminate the deficit by 2015, and promising no major tax cuts or new spending. Flaherty shuffled money towards skills development and training while vowing to find $6.8 billion in tax revenue by 2018 by closing tax loopholes and combating cheating. | View full 2013 budget documents

Federal Budget speech - Mar. 29, 2012

With the world economy slowly improving, Jim Flaherty took aim at the deficit with a budget that cut spending, reduced the civil service and promised to curb MP pensions while confirming the government's plan to raise the age of eligibility for Old Age Security to 67. It also introduced sweeping changes to the environmental review process and to federal oversight of inland waterways. | View full 2012 budget documents

Federal Budget speech - Jun. 6, 2011

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty introduced the Conservative majority government's first budget less than three months after his previous budget, which wasn't passed before the Harper minority government fell, triggering the 2011 election. In his post-election budget speech, "support" and "economic" appeared most often. | View full 2011 budget documents

Federal Budget speech - Mar. 22, 2011

Jim Flaherty tabled his last minority budget in March, 2011, amid much rancour in Parliament and the lingering effects of the 2008 recession. The most frequent words in his speech were "jobs," "support" and "help," but it wasn't enough to help Flaherty keep his own job — at least, that is, until the Conservatives won their first majority a little over a month later. | View full 2011 budget documents

Federal Budget speech - Mar. 4, 2010

"Jobs," "business" and "economy" were the most frequent words in Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's 2010 budget, which contained few surprises and continued the stimulus measures rolled out in 2009. | View full 2010 budget documents

Federal Budget speech - Jan. 27, 2009

Under pressure from the opposition and the deepening downturn in the world economy, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty cut taxes, boosted infrastructure spending and promised billions of dollars in new spending in his "Economic Action Plan." | View full 2009 budget documents

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