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INTERACTIVE | Spotlight on hotel germ hotspots

Interactive hotel room reveals germ hotspots

Last Updated: Oct. 18, 2012

Your hotel room is your sanctuary in an unfamiliar place. As you make yourself at home, you might not expect to find grimy remote controls, faucets or bed sheets – all trouble spots for germs that are often invisible to the human eye.

In a three-city investigation, CBC Marketplace has done the dirty work for you, testing frequently-touched objects in six of Canada’s largest hotel chains.

Marketplace visited 54 rooms in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal – combing through nine rooms per chain and three rooms per hotel in the first Canadian test of its kind.

Host Erica Johnson reveals The Dirt on Hotels, a two-part series that raises concerns about the cleanliness and maintenance of budget, mid-range and high-end hotels alike. Visit the interactive hotel room to get a sense of what they found.

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*The ATP counts listed in the interactive were calculated using an Adenosine Triphosphate measuring device, which helps detect potential germ hot spots. The higher the number, the more likely the object you’re touching is contaminated.

Producer/Writer: Fabiola Carletti    |    Designer: Duk Han Lee

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