Digital surveillance: How you're being tracked every day

Andre Mayer and Michael Pereira, CBC News Last Updated: March 7, 2014

Every day, we surrender personal information. Some of it is voluntary, like the stuff we post on social media. But our digital footprint is much bigger than that.

As it turns out, third-party marketers, law enforcement groups and spy agencies can also see what we're up to.

So how much privacy are we giving up? We decided to follow Lauren O'Neil, a social media producer for CBC News and self-professed "internet addict," through an average day, to demonstrate all the ways we are being tracked.



Click on round images to see how Lauren is leaving a digital trail

Text: Teona Baetu, Janet Davison, Andre Mayer | Images: Evan Mitsui | Video: Eric Foss | Graphics & visual concept: Duk Han Lee | Design & development: Michael Pereira

Special thanks to Lauren O'Neil and Adam Molnar, post-doctoral fellow at the Surveillance Studies Centre at Queen's University.

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