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Quiz: Where over the world was Chris Hadfield?

Canadian commander's photos showcase cities of light, beautiful wilds

Last Updated: May 1, 2013

Canadian commander Chris Hadfield is slated to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere aboard a fiery Soyuz capsule on May 13. Over the past five months, the charismatic astronaut has been conducting experiments, steering the Canadarm2, performing repairs on the International Space Station, and posting astonishingly beautiful photos to Twitter.

@Cmdr_Hadfield has generated considerable buzz, amassing more than 700,000 followers who eagerly await his aerial snapshots of glowing cities, raging rivers and windswept deserts. Try your luck at identifying these amazing vistas in the quiz below.

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1. Hadfield tweeted this photo of this famous city of art and love on April 17. The city is:

San Francisco

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