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MAP: Canada Post - Points of call

Last Updated: June 2, 2011

Canada Post's urban delivery includes service to 12,333,381 mailing addresses known as points of call. The heat map below shows points of call by province and includes more information on how mail is carried from post office to person in urban areas. A glossary of terms is listed below the map.

Glossary of terms

  • Rural Route delivery (delivery by employee to customers living along or near well-defined roads in a reasonably well-settled area).
  • Letter Carrier (delivery by a letter carrier).
  • Lock Box, also called post office box (delivery to a specific box in a post office).
  • General Delivery (delivery to customers not renting a post office box, customers having no fixed address, members of the travelling public, or anyone who cannot receive mail from a letter carrier or rural route contractor).
  • Call For (delivery service provided to customers at most postal stations, allowing them to receive "personal contact" mail that cannot be delivered by their regular delivery service i.e., parcels, packages, etc.).
  • Direct (delivery of bagged and/or bundled mail to customers receiving high volumes on a regular basis).
  • Suburban Services (delivery by employee to group mail boxes. Usually found near or on the perimeters of urban areas).

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