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Speech from the throne: pomp and ceremony

A map of the traditions behind the opening of a new parliamentary session

Last Updated: Oct. 16, 2013

A new parliamentary session begins with the speech from the throne, the address prepared by the government and read by the Governor General outlining the government's priorities.

The speech itself is delivered in the Senate chamber following a series of ceremonial processions.

When another parliamentary session opens on Oct. 16, those traditions will again be observed. The Governor General, prime minister, senators and other dignitaries will gather in the Senate chamber, and the Usher of the Black Rod will summon members of the House of Commons to the Senate entrance to hear the speech.

Hover over the markers below to read more about the traditional elements of a throne speech ceremony.

Source: Senate of Canada
Map: Library of Parliament
Photos: Canadian Press, Reuters (some photos are from previous parliaments)

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