exclusive These Canadian hospitals earned top grade in CBC report card

A sweeping initiative by the CBC gives Canadians a look inside their hospitals for the first time. Rate My Hospital gives you unprecedented access to information about hospitals across the country and the opportunity to rate and compare your own hospital. 4:06 PM ET video

Double mastectomy leads to 'calamity of errors,' review of home care

Lynn Burkitt asked for a double mastectomy, hoping to rid herself of worry after a scary bout with breast cancer, but instead suffered a series of mishaps that left her with a gaping wound. 5:12 AM ET video

Watch Botched mastectomy leads to home care review 3:22

exclusive Provinces team up to block CBC's hospital data request

Provincial and territorial health department officials held cross-country meetings and agreed to a "national decision" to deny a CBC request for information about individual hospitals, CBC News has learned. 6:15 PM ET video

Rate your hospital: online tool a 1st for Canadians

CBC's the fifth estate has launched an interactive tool that allows patients to rate the quality of care in their hospitals in a similar way to how users of websites like TripAdvisor and Yelp evaluate travel and other experiences. 5:18 PM ET video