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Hey Libs: Pick one and go with it!

ignatieffsized.jpgRunning communications for a political party is a trying task at the best of times.

Even more so when you're competing with...yourself.

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Welcome Back, Coderre!

What do you know? Denis Coderre is back in the House of Commons.

You may remember that little bit of trouble he stirred up when he quit his job as the Liberal Quebec lieutenant and then proceeded to diss his leader for running things "out of Toronto."

Well, after laying low for a couple of weeks...he's back.
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Some MPs Aren't Afraid to Pick Up the Cheque


Seek and you shall find.

Or perhaps, better yet, Google and you'll come up with something.

That big cheque from Gerald Keddy's office featuring a Conservative logo got us to wondering if there perhaps other big cheques floating around out there that may promote partisan interests rather than pure government spending.

Particularly, given that the Prime Minister's Office has acknowledged that Keddy made a mistake using a Conservative party logo.

Other MPs use the logo, or Conservative slogans, or even their own names.

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Big cheque, big logo


Everyone likes a big cheque when it comes to handing over money. It makes a dandy prop for MPs to stand beside and take credit for.

But there are rules about such things. For instance, if the money comes from the federal government, it should state so clearly.

That's not quite what Nova Scotia MP Gerald Keddy did.
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The Poor Little Guy In the Middle


Imagine, if you will, having the skill, know-how and mostly, the patience to deal with 308 MPs on a daily basis.

Imagine trying to keep them in line, even in a minority government situation.

Well, one man has now managed to do it longer than anyone else in Canadian history.

On Monday, Peter Milliken (MP for Kingston and the Islands) will be come Canada's longest-serving Speaker.

And it ain't it an easy job to get.

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The Floor-Cross/No-Cross


So, remember all those rampant rumours about floor-crossing? My, was that just yesterday?

As it turns out, the rumours were, in fact, just rumours.

In an unusual move, the Toronto Star revealed today where the rumours started.
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A Rude Awakening


There is nothing like waking up in the morning to see your face in the papers. It must have been a rude awakening for Ruby Dhalla today.

The Toronto Star reported that a senior Conservative source says at least three Liberals have contemplated defections.

And one of the names raised in the story: none other than Ruby Dhalla. In an attempt to put a stop to the story Dhalla tweeted this statement this morning: "The rumour mill is in overdrive again. The joys of being a women in politics !"
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Is Coderre Making Nice on Facebook?


Could it be a sign of a truce?

Denis Coderre, the recently resigned Quebec lieutenant to Michael Ignatieff, has posted a Facebook status update that could be viewed as an olive branch.

Or at very least, a sign someone from the Liberal leader's office has told him to start acting nice.

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Hullo, Canada! I'm Jack Layton...

The NDP have new TV ads! Without even having to wait to see them on TV, I hereby offer you a sneak peek here.

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Let's Play Two!

Uh-oh, not another one.

Word came this afternoon that this Parliament will soon be faced with yet another confidence motion.

Let's be clear here: there is already one scheduled tomorrow. It is Liberal-sponsored and couldn't be more simple: "That this House has lost confidence in the government."

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