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A twitter gaffe, and apology. Both firsts, we think, by a Member of Parliament.
Ujjal Dosanjh rose on a point of order after question period today to apologize ''for tweeting about matters that ought not to have been tweeted about.''
Seems the Liberal MP from Vancouver South let his fingers do the talking about what was taking place at an in-camera, closed-door, for MPs-ears-and-eyes-only session of the Commons Defence Committee:

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A Year Ago Today: 'We're Not Going To Run Deficits'

The Liberals sent out this YouTube link today to members of the Parliamentary Press Gallery just before question period:

"Remember this promise? One year ago today...
Vous vous rappelez de cette promesse? Il y a de cela un an..."

Party leader Michael Ignatieff made only a brief reference to this promise in QP, choosing instead to accuse the government of harbouring plans to raise Employment Insurance premiums to eliminate the deficit in the future.
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G20-Pittsburgh Dispatch: In the Picture

By Chris Hall, CBC News.


He made it. And on time!

Yes. Stephen Harper was right where he should have been when the G20 leaders gathered for the family photo, unlike a previous no-show.

Canada's prime minister even merited the front row.

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G20-Pittsburgh Dispatch: O, Media, Where Art Thou?

By Chris Hall, CBC News.

Organizers of the G20 summit in Pittsburgh must have expected more media coverage.

Not as in more stories, but more journalists.

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