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First Reading (10/26/09)

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The Hon. Member for Pottymouth

hill2.jpg(Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press)

Having blogged earlier about the merits of watching the House of Commons live, or at least watching the videotape later, I must confess that sometimes Hansard can be better than the real thing.

The official transcribers of the proceedings sit in the middle of the room, and hear things that aren't that clear on the audio and video recording.

A case in point:

Yesterday, an MP Twitter'ed that Government House Leader Jay Hill said a naughty word in the House at around 1530.

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The tale of the tape - Bill C-311 version

The ultimate record of who votes yay and nay on every House of Commons Bill and Motion is contained in the official Hansard lists.

But sometimes, it's interesting to attend in person, or at least watch the videotape, for a sense of the mood and body language as a House vote unfolds.

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Culture Minister James Moore: Fighting for Ultimate Fighting in Vancouver


Republican Senator John McCain once called the sport of Ultimate Fighting "human cockfighting."

But Canada's Heritage Minister, James Moore, is a fan.
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2 C's, 2 Leaves, and a Whole Lotta Fury


Outrage! Hedy Fry's mad as H-E-double-hockey-sticks that some items in the Hudson's Bay Co. clothing line for Canada's Olympians have a 'C' on them with a Maple Leaf, and, darnit, so does the Conservative Party's logo! In the Commons today, she accused the Conservatives of "trying to politicize" the Vancouver-Whistler Games.

Politicizing the Olympics. Imagine! ('cause that's never happened before, no siree...)

Gary Lunn, the minister for amateur sport, told the House the government was "not involved in any way, shape or form" with the HBC design.

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Le Prohon Nom, Still On

Our colleagues at Radio-Canada have confirmed that the spirit of compromise is alive and well in the Liberal Party's Quebec nomination drama.

Nathalie Le Prohon was the star candidate Denis Coderre had picked to run for the Liberals in Outremont.

She got bounced when former cabinet minister Martin Cauchon decided after a long deliberation to try for a political comeback in his old seat -- and raised a stink about his party not making space for him in the riding he once held.

Le Prohon has now confirmed she's interested in the nomination in another winnable Montreal-area seat -- Jeanne Le Ber. She hesitated for several days, apparently out of concern for the conflict her candidacy could fuel in the aftermath of Coderre's resignation.

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