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Ring! Ring! Good Evening ... Um, You Want An Election?


So, there's this phone, see? And this phone just so happened to belong to a CBC producer in Ottawa. And last night, just as it was born to do, it RANG!

On the other end was an actual non-recorded human voice -- male -- conducting a poll on behalf of her local Conservative MP, Pierre Poilievre.

Curious, she participated in the poll, which was clearly trying to gauge her interest in an election now and who she'd support -- while ever-so-subtly reminding her about the home renovation tax credit and federal infrastructure money to build the Strandherd Bridge in her riding, brought to her by the Harper government.

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Mr. Coderre, Don't Make Me Angry. You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry...


"For every action, there are consequences. I'm very clear about that. Mr. Coderre is very clear about that." -- Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, ahead of today's no-confidence vote and his former Quebec lieutenant's scheduled weekend appearance on Radio-Canada's Tout Le Monde En Parle.

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How to Write a No-Confidence Motion in 10 Words or Less

The Liberals show us how: "That this House has lost confidence in the government."

Why, it's just as grabbing as the title of the Conservative government's third report to Canadians on its Economic Action Plan, which is called... wait for it... "A Third Report to Canadians."

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Oh, and One More Thing...

Prime Minister Stephen Harper criticizes the Liberals' plans to submit a non-confidence motion this week, then interrupts deputy press secretary Andrew MacDougall -- who had already moved on to the next reporter's question -- with this:

"Did I mention no one wants an election?"

UPDATE: And it's not like the Conservatives are in any way signalling they're ready to get rolling along the campaign trail:

(Andrew Vaughan/Canadian Press)

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