A twitter gaffe, and apology. Both firsts, we think, by a Member of Parliament.
Ujjal Dosanjh rose on a point of order after question period today to apologize ''for tweeting about matters that ought not to have been tweeted about.''
Seems the Liberal MP from Vancouver South let his fingers do the talking about what was taking place at an in-camera, closed-door, for MPs-ears-and-eyes-only session of the Commons Defence Committee.
Dosanjh wanted the committee to summon Richard Colvin to testify. He's the senior Canadian diplomat who wrote a memo to senior bureaucrats in 2006 detailing the abusive treatment of Afghan detainees turned over to prison authorities in that country by Canadian soldiers.
But Bloc MPs joined with Conservative members of the committee to defeat Dosanjh's efforts to call Colvin as a witness.
Dosanjh turned to his Blackberry... and sent the following out on his Twitter account:
dosanjhtweet.jpgDosanjh acknowledged his tweet was out of bounds because the meeting was supposed to be private.
"That was an error on my part,'' he told the Commons. ''And that entry will be deleted at the earlier possible opportunity, which is right after I get out of here.''

Alas, Dosanjh deleted the tweet from his account. But it remains on the unofficial political tweet archive. Proving once again that on the internet, everything lives forever.