Snubbed? The Coderre conundrum

More than 1,000 members of the federal Liberal party were meeting in Quebec City on Sunday, with one glaring exception. The party's former Quebec lieutenant Denis Coderre did not attend.

Last Monday, Coderre, MP for Bourassa, resigned from his post as defence critic and Quebec organizer. He caused quite a stir, too, when he accused Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff of leading the party from Toronto.

Late last week, Coderre appeared to be making nice by encouraging Liberals via Facebook to show up to the biennial convention. Many appear to have heeded his call.

When asked about the former Quebec lieutenant, many MPs, senators and party officials stuck to the line that Coderre worked hard for the party and recruited quality candidates for the next election.

As for Coderre's absence at the meeting, several said they understood that he was in his riding caring for his sick father.

Ignatieff, asked about Coderre's no-show, responded: "What Mr. Coderre does is his business. He took actions earlier this week that have consequences. And he's living those consequences. Thank you."