The "Welcome to the Cheque Republic" buttons were popular at last weekend's Parliamentary Press Gallery Dinner. 

And now there's a website. 

Today the Liberals launched www.chequerepublic.ca. It seems the oversized novelty cheque story has had an entirely unanticipated stimulus effect -- making the Liberals get all artsy-crafty. 

Last week there was that collage portrait of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. 

And now there's this site, an unsubtle ploy to try and keep the story alive over the weekend.  And it may well, thanks to a clever and fun little gimmick that allows you to "cut your own cheque". By providing your name, the name of a friend, a monetary amount and a note for the memo portion, the website promises you can "start pumping out your very own stimulus funding!" When completed, the cheques look like this: