Novelty Cheques, Novel Portrait?


The giant novelty cheque story appears to have inspired the the Liberal party's artsy side.

Today at a news conference, Liberal MPs David McGuinty and Marcel Proulx announced the party is launching 47 complaints with Canada's ethics commissioner, saying that they've found 181 examples where Conservative MPs have taken credit for taxpayer-funded Government of Canada funding announcements through the use of "personalized partisan cheques" since 2007.

Why 47 complaints? One for each Tory MP the Liberals say handed out the cheques.

Today's news conference also featured a crafty multi-media presentation, which included an image of Prime Minister Stephen Harper made up of a collage of those oversized cheques.

Ben Parsons, 24, created the portrait. He works in strategic communications at the Liberal Research Bureau and says it took him about an hour on Adobe Photoshop to arrange all the cheques and alter the colour scheme.

Parsons says he then layered a transparent photograph of Harper over this collage: