Party Candidate Votes Status
11/11 polls Updated: Oct. 3, 2011 8:27 PM EDT
LIB Pat Murphy 1,604 Elected
PC David Gordon 1,137
GRN Gerald O'Meara 71
IP Mitch Gallant 43

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  • LIB – Pat Murphy
  • PC – David Gordon
  • GREEN – Gerald O'Meara
  • ISLAND – Mitch Gallant

The issue

Two farmers are facing charges following a fish kill in the Mill River system, described as the worst in the province in decades.

District profile

The fishing industry dominates this district, which stretches from the north to the west shore. The 2006 redistribution added small parts of the former Cascumpec - Grand River and O'Leary - Inverness districts.


Mill River is the site of a major resort, golf course and water park. Alberton (pop. 1,115) is the major centre, but Miminegash (pop. 188) is an important fishing port.

The previous Progressive Conservative government proposed closing Western Hospital in Alberton in favour of a new hospital in Bloomfield Corner, on the south edge of the district. The Liberals axed that idea during the 2007 campaign, and Western appears to be emerging as the major hospital in West Prince.

Political history

This area has been largely Liberal since 1962, when Robert Campbell was elected for the first of nine times. Philip Brown and Cletus Dunn broke the run for the Progressive Conservatives in 2000, but it returned to the Liberals in 2007.

2007: Pat Murphy (LIB) beat Cletus J. Dunn (PC) by 123 votes.

Alberton - Miminegenash

2003: Dunn beat Robert B. White (LIB) by 737 votes.

2000: Dunn topped Hector MacLeod (LIB) by 612 votes.

1996: MacLeod defeated Eddie Trail (PC) by 224 votes.

Cascumpec - Grand River

2003: Philip Brown (PC) beat Robert Noye (LIB) by 496 votes.

2000: Brown slipped past Rob Henderson (LIB) by a 24-vote margin.

1996: Keith Milligan (LIB) beat Barry Balsom (PC) by 1,108 votes.