Party Candidate Votes Status
9/9 polls Updated: Oct. 3, 2011 8:27 PM EDT
LIB Sonny Gallant 1,722 Elected
PC Edgar Arsenault 418
GRN Melissa Hotte 64
IP Arthur Arsenault 26

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  • LIB – Sonny Gallant
  • PC – Edgar Arsenault
  • GREEN – Melissa Hotte
  • ISLAND – Arthur Arsenault

The race

This district has changed hands between the Liberals and Progressive Conservatives in two of the last three elections.

The issue

A plan to expand the French school in Summerside could threaten the viability of the school in Abram-Village.

District profile


By population this is the smallest of the 27 districts, given special consideration due to its uniquely Acadian nature. The largest portion of P.E.I.'s Acadian community lives here. Miscouche (pop. 769) is the largest urban centre in the district.

Wellington (pop. 401) is home to regional offices for the provincial government. Co-ops play an important role in the commercial life of the district.

Political history

2007: Sonny Gallant (LIB) beat Wilfred Arsenault (PC) by 376 votes.

2003: Arsenault beat Sonny Gallant (LIB) by 104 votes.

2000: Arsenault beat Robert Maddix (LIB) by 83 votes.

1996: Maddix topped Gerard Richard (PC) by 784 votes.