Party Candidate Votes Status
13/13 polls Updated: Oct. 3, 2011 8:27 PM EDT
LIB Janice Sherry 1,382 Elected
PC Shirley Anne Cameron 937
GRN Rosalyn Abbott 195

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  • LIB – Janice Sherry
  • PC – Shirley Anne Cameron
  • GREEN – Rosalyn Abbott

District profile

This is one of two districts representing Summerside. It is the site of the Prince County Hospital, one of two major hospitals in the province.


The district includes the waterfront attractions Spinnaker's Landing and the Wanda Wyatt Centre, an area at the heart of the city's tourism. Also on the waterfront, the province recently announced Holland College will turn the Waterfront Mall into a new campus, an investment than more than $10 million.

Political history

2007: Janice Sherry (LIB) beat Gerard McCardle (PC) by 582 votes.

Wilmot - Summerside

2003: Greg Deighan (PC) beat Duke Cormier (LIB) by 405 votes.

2000: Deighan defeated Paul Hudson Schurman (LIB) by 428 votes.

1996: Deighan topped Walter MacEwen (LIB) by 112 votes.