Party Candidate Votes Status
14/14 polls Updated: Oct. 3, 2011 8:27 PM EDT
LIB Wes Sheridan 1,820 Elected
PC Wilber Lamont 1,165
NDP George S. Hunter 198

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  • LIB – Wes Sheridan
  • PC – Wilber Lamont
  • NDP – George S. Hunter

The race

Finance Minister Wes Sheridan held this district at dissolution.

The issue

Markets have been soft for process potatoes, leading to less work at the Cavendish Farms plant in New Annan.

District profile

The huge Cavendish Farms frozen french fry factory makes this district the heart of potato processing country. While the land is good for growing, the region offers much more than potatoes.


There are several important tourist attractions in the area, including the Indian River Festival and Cabot Provincial Park. The urban centre, Kensington (pop. 1,485), is also making itself a tourist attraction with developments around the old railway station.

This district has a share in the shellfishery, with the eastern side of Malpeque Bay as one of its boundaries.

The district stretches down to the north and east of Summerside.

In addition to being home of the current finance minister, the provincial treasurer from the last Progressive Conservative government came from here.

Political history

2007: Wes Sheridan (LIB) beat Murphy by 214 votes.

2003: Mitch Murphy (PC) defeated Janice Sherry (LIB) by 1,418 votes.

2000: Murphy beat Greg Campbell (LIB) by 1,964 votes.

1996: Murphy beat Bill Campbell (LIB) by 708 votes.