Party Candidate Votes Status
13/13 polls Updated: Oct. 3, 2011 8:27 PM EDT
LIB George Webster 1,590 Elected
PC Jamie Fox 1,468
GRN Conor Leggott 160

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  • LIB – George Webster
  • PC – Jamie Fox
  • GREEN – Conor Leggott

District profile

This is a primarily rural district of the central South Shore. It contains some prime potato land, and touches on the eastern edge of Summerside.


Borden-Carleton (pop. 786) is the largest urban centre. It lost the ferries in 1997 and has still not fully recovered economically. McCain and Master Packaging have been major employers here for some time. A business park was established on the strength of the easy access to the mainland created by the Confederation Bridge.

A tourism attraction at Gateway Village, at the foot of the Confederation Bridge, continues to struggle.

Political history

2007: George Webster (LIB) unseated Fred McCardle (PC) by 460 votes.

2003: McCardle topped Lorne Sutherland (LIB) by 146 votes.

2000: Eric Hammill (PC) defeated Sutherland by 898 votes.

1996: Hammill beat Stavert Huestis (LIB) by 211 votes.