Party Candidate Votes Status
12/12 polls Updated: Oct. 3, 2011 8:27 PM EDT
LIB Doug Currie 1,510 Elected
PC Bernie Flynn 665
GRN Eliza Knockwood 152
NDP Noel Pauley 118

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  • LIB – Doug Currie
  • PC – Bernie Flynn
  • NDP – Noel Pauley
  • GREEN – Eliza Knockwood

District profile


Developed mostly in the 1950s, the district of Parkdale - Belvedere could be considered Charlottetown's oldest suburb.

While built as a suburb, the area is now more accurately described as urban, and includes a large commercial stretch along St. Peter's Road. The district also includes an older residential district close to the downtown, just north of Euston Street.

Political history

2007: Doug Currie (LIB) beat Dr. Mike Molyneaux (PC) by 565 votes.


2003: Chester Gillan (PC) beat Charlie Cooke (LIB) by 665 votes.

2000: Gillan easily won over Jacob Mal (LIB) by 1,077 votes.

1996: Gillan beat Stephen Dowling (LIB) by 576 votes.