Party Candidate Votes Status
11/11 polls Updated: Oct. 3, 2011 8:27 PM EDT
LIB Alan McIsaac 1,311 Elected
PC Mary Ellen McInnis 1,054
GRN Marion Pirch 119
NDP Edith Perry 111

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  • LIB – Alan McIsaac
  • PC – Mary Ellen McInnis
  • NDP – Edith Perry
  • GREEN – Marion Pirch

District profile

This is one of two districts that includes part of Stratford, P.E.I.'s fastest growing community.

The district extends east from the Hillsborough River, including a large rural area in addition to the urban north of Stratford.


Improvements to the Hillsborough Bridge have attracted many people from Charlottetown, with many newcomers building larger homes, mixing with the more common modest bungalows. The district is facing many problems as it struggles to provide the infrastructure for a growing population.

A large, new retail centre on the Trans-Canada Highway has contributed to the growth of the area.

Political history

2007: Alan McIsaac (LIB) defeated Allan Fraser (PC) by 66 votes.

Glen Stewart-Bellevue Cove

2003: David McKenna (PC) beat Eric Ellsworth (LIB) by 958 votes.

2000: Pat Mella (PC) defeated Viola Evans-Murley (LIB) by 1,547 votes. Mella opted not to run in the 2003 election.

1996: Mella beat Mary Hughes (LIB) by 1,443 votes.

Belfast-Pownal Bay

2003: Wilbur MacDonald (PC) won over Sarah Jane Bell (LIB) by 240 votes.

2000: MacDonald beat Ernie Mutch (LIB) by 674 votes.

1996: MacDonald squeaked past Lynwood MacPherson (LIB) by 33 votes.