Party Candidate Votes Status
11/11 polls Updated: Oct. 3, 2011 8:27 PM EDT
LIB Charlie McGeoghegan 1,132 Elected
PC Darlene Compton 1,124
GRN John Burhoe 115
IP Andy Clarey 99

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  • LIB – Charlie McGeoghegan
  • PC – Darlene Compton
  • GREEN – John Burhoe
  • ISLAND – Andy Clarey

The race

This previously longstanding Progressive Conservative seat was claimed by the Liberals in a 2007 byelection.

District profile

Belfast-Murray River, which runs east to west along the south shore, contains a mix of communities.


Wood Islands is the home to the ferry that is crucial to the economy of the eastern end of the Island. In the central part of the riding is a cluster of communities known collectively as Belfast, an area that has its own development corporation, and where the economy is largely agricultural, with some fishery and aquaculture activities.

In the southeastern corner of the district fishing is the backbone of the economy, as the land is not well suited to farming. The vital cogs of the fishing industry are the lobster fishery out of Murray Harbour (pop. 358) and Murray River (pop. 430).

A former lobster cannery in Graham's Pond is now processing mussels. Trouble with tunicates in the area's mussel fishery continue to threaten the plant's future.

This area was for a long time Progressive Conservative. Former premier Pat Binns won this district in the 2007 provincial election, but resigned his seat to become ambassador to Ireland when his party managed to win only four seats. The Tories lost the byelection held later that year to Liberal Charlie McGeoghegan.

Political history

  • 2007 byelection: Charlie McGeoghegan (LIB) won over Darlene Compton (PC) by 431 votes.
  • 2007: Binns defeated McGeoghegan by 397 votes.
Belfast - Pownal Bay
  • 2003: Wilbur MacDonald (PC) defeated Sarah Jane Bell (LIB) by 240 votes.
  • 2000: MacDonald beat Ernie Mutch (LIB) by 674 votes.
  • 1996: MacDonald squeaked past Lynwood MacPherson (LIB) by 33 votes.
Murray River-Gaspareaux
  • 2003: Pat Binns (PC) beat Michelle Johnston (LIB) by 959 votes.
  • 2000: Binns defeated Andy Clarey (LIB) by 981 votes.
  • 1996: Binns defeated Barry W. Hicken (LIB) by 287 votes.