Party Candidate Votes Status
11/11 polls Updated: Oct. 3, 2011 8:27 PM EDT
PC Steven Myers 1,575 Elected
LIB Kevin Gotell 1,213
NDP Jane Dunphy 87
GRN Jason Furness 47
IP Ray Cantelo 32

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  • LIB – Kevin Gotell
  • PC – Steven Myers
  • NDP – Jane Dunphy
  • GREEN – Jason Furness
  • ISLAND – Ray Cantelo

The race

Mike Currie, an MLA since 1996, resigned his seat to run in this year's federal election and is not running again.

District profile

This district includes a large section of the eastern shore of P.E.I. and, as of the 2006 redistribution, incorporates much of the former Morell-Fortune Bay district. The former Georgetown-Baldwin's Road district was almost totally absorbed into the area.


Georgetown (pop. 721), which has one of the region's best harbours, was formerly an important port with a burgeoning shipbuilding industry, but that role has been diminished. The Irving-owned East Isle Shipyard currently has no work, but the during the recent federal election campaign more work was promised.

Among the major tourist and recreation draws is the Dundarave championship golf course, built in 1999, which received a "near-perfect" rating from the influential magazine Golf Digest in 2002. Tourism has been down in the eastern part of the province, and golf is also slipping, down 4.5 per cent in 2010.

Political history

  • 2007: Mike Currie (PC) defeated Danny Walker (LIB) by 289 votes.
Georgetown-Baldwin's Road
  • 2003: Currie defeated Walker (LIB) by 668 votes
  • 2000: Currie beat Danny Campbell (LIB) by 980 votes.
  • 1996: Currie defeated Rose Marie MacDonald (LIB) by 281 votes.
Morell-Fortune Bay
  • 2003: Kevin MacAdam (PC) beat Larry McGuire (LIB) by 551 votes.
  • 2001 byelection: MacAdam defeated McGuire by 444 votes.
  • 2000: MacAdam defeated Danny Larkin (LIB) by 965 votes.
  • 1996: MacAdam defeated Walter Bradley (LIB) by 281 votes.