Party Candidate Votes Status
11/11 polls Updated: Oct. 3, 2011 8:27 PM EDT
PC Colin LaVie 1,302 Elected
LIB Allan Campbell 1,272
IP Jason MacGregor 106

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  • LIB – Allan Campbell
  • PC – Colin LaVie
  • ISLAND – Jason MacGregor

District profile

Souris (population 1,232) is the largest urban centre in this rural district, which lies at the northeastern tip of P.E.I.


Potatoes are grown in the interior, but the fisheries have been a major focus in the years since the 2007 election, and in particular this year. In February the fish plant at North Lake closed down. That was followed by the Ocean Choice processing plant in Souris, which announced just days before the start of lobster season that it would not open. More than 100 jobs were lost at each plant.

There could be further bad news coming, with a scientific advisory panel recommending that tuna be listed as an endangered species. North Lake is a major centre for the tuna fishery.

There is a trio of major tourism attractions in the district: the Fisheries Museum and beach at Basin Head, the East Point Lighthouse and the Elmira Railway Museum. Tourism could be an issue for the district, as the industry continues to decline in the eastern end of the province, despite a small recovery province-wide.

On the education front, parents in the district are currently negotiating with the province to build one new up-to-date school to replace several smaller ones in the area.

Political history

  • 2007: Allan Campbell (LIB) defeated Andy Mooney by 210 votes.
  • 2003: Andy Mooney (PC) defeated Philip MacDonald (LIB) by 244 votes.
  • 2000: Mooney beat Brian Brown (LIB) by 809 votes.
  • 1996: Mooney defeated Ross Young (LIB) by 128 votes.