Party Candidate Votes Status
131/131 polls Updated: May. 15, 2013 1:07 AM PDT
NDP Kathy Corrigan 7,320 Elected
LIB Shian Gu 6,593
GRN Richard (Rick) McGowan 1,237

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  • B.C. Liberal Party: Shian Gu.
  • B.C. NDP: Kathy Corrigan*.
  • Green Party of B.C.: Rick McGowan.

Political history

  • 2009: New Democrat Kathy Corrigan won by 512 votes.
  • 2005: Liberal John Nuraney won by 399 votes (Burnaby Willingdon).
  • 2005: New Democrat Raj Chouhan won by 738 votes (Burnaby-Edmonds).

Riding profile

The Metro Vancouver riding includes Burnaby's Central Park as well as Deer Lake Park and Deer Lake. The riding was created in 2008 from Burnaby-Willingdon and Burnaby-Edmonds.