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May 3, 2004
China confirms 3 SARS cases

April 30, 2004
China confirms first death from SARS

April 29, 2004
China confirms 2 more SARS cases

April 28, 2004
WHO says SARS outbreak in China 'under control'

April 26, 2004
4 more suspected SARS cases in China

April 22, 2004
Suspected SARS cases reported in China

April 21, 2004
Strengthen infection control, public health: SARS expert panel

April 20, 2004
Provincial centre for disease control needed, SARS report

March 25, 2004
30 nurses sue Ontario over SARS

March 1, 2004
SARS distress hit nurses hardest: survey

Feb. 23, 2004
Nurse files $600 million SARS suit

Jan. 31, 2004
WHO scolds China after new SARS case confirmed

Jan. 17, 2004
China confirms 2 more SARS cases

Jan. 16, 2004
WHO finds link between animals and SARS

Jan. 15, 2004
Genetics may make people prone to SARS

Jan. 13, 2004
China confirms second SARS case

Jan. 12, 2004
Doctors in China say they expect renewed outbreak of SARS

Jan. 11, 2004
China investigates possible 3rd SARS case

Jan. 7, 2004
China says it may have another SARS case

Jan. 5, 2004
China confirms SARS case

Jan. 4, 2004
SARS fears prompt cat slaughter in China

Dec. 17, 2003
Taiwan SARS case leads to quarantine

Dec. 2, 2003
SARS vaccine may be tested in 2004

Nov. 13, 2003
SARS screening useless: Health Canada

Oct. 02, 2003
Canadians close to finding SARS vaccine

Oct. 01, 2003
Protocols could have contained SARS: doctor

Sept. 28, 2003
Nurses to speak out as SARS hearings begin

Sept. 26, 2003
Top lab's SARS results questioned

Sept. 23, 2003
Singapore researcher got SARS in government lab

Sept. 10, 2003
New SARS case confirmed in Singapore

Aug. 18, 2003
B.C. nursing home illness similar to SARS

Aug. 13, 2003
Doctor latest victim of Toronto SARS outbreak

Aug. 12, 2003
Ontario dips into reserves to cover SARS cost

July 21, 2003
Scientists confirm identity of SARS virus

July 20, 2003
SARS claims second Ontario health worker

July 4, 2003
Nurse who died of SARS praised as 'hero'

July 2, 2003
WHO takes Toronto off SARS list

June 27, 2003
Ontario presses Ottawa to foot SARS bill
Economy shrank in April due to SARS, weaker manufacturing

June 26, 2003
SARS points to need for crisis fund: provinces

June 25, 2003
SARS case first in China in two weeks

June 24, 2003
WHO lifts Beijing SARS travel advisory

June 23, 2003
SARS death toll rises to 38 in Toronto
Hong Kong declared SARS-free

June 22, 2003
Travel to Canada fell sharply in April due to SARS, Iraq war

June 21, 2003
Stars help Toronto shake SARS stigma

June 20, 2003
Ontario wants public to lobby Ottawa to boost SARS aid

June 19, 2003
SARS mutation worries health officials

June 18, 2003
Toronto reports 35th SARS death
Nurses still worried about SARS masks

June 17, 2003
WHO lifts Taiwan SARS advisory

June 16, 2003
North Carolina quarantines dozens in SARS alert
Toronto man in Bulgarian hospital with SARS symptoms

June 15, 2003
SARS fear ends for some new moms, babies
SARS conference attendees can't agree on treatment

June 14, 2003
Scientists disagree on SARS transmission

June 13, 2003
Health officials find link between Toronto SARS outbreaks
Ontario offers SARS quarantine compensation
Physical, psychological symptoms linger in SARS patients

June 12, 2003
WHO to review Toronto's SARS status
WHO says SARS under control in China

June 11, 2003
Seven cleared of SARS, but new quarantines in place
Airport screening ineffective against SARS

June 10, 2003
Ontario to hold SARS inquiry
Some cases cleared in Whitby SARS investigation
Questions arise about North Carolina-Toronto SARS link

June 9, 2003
Officials probe possible new SARS cluster
New SARS outbreak feared at dialysis clinic

June 8, 2003
SARS claims 2 more in Toronto

June 7, 2003
SARS claims 2 more in Toronto

June 6, 2003
Official defends 10-day SARS quarantine

June 5, 2003
Toronto's SARS deaths drop by one
SARS 'clearly in decline' around the world: WHO

June 4, 2003
Eradicate SARS, don't normalize it: health-care workers
Nurses suspicious of SARS pay
SARS may be slowing down in China

June 3, 2003
SARS cases rise slightly in Toronto
WHO looking closely at Toronto, no advisory yet
Nurses confused, angry over SARS crisis
1,700 students, staff in quarantine for SARS

June 2, 2003
Toronto records 32nd SARS death
Ontario nurses want public inquiry into handling of SARS

June 1, 2003
New SARS death confirmed in Toronto
Officials fear students playing SARS quarantine hooky

May 31, 2003
Ontario investigating four deaths for SARS

May 30, 2003
SARS deaths in Toronto climb to 30
Health pros fear masks don't protect from SARS

May 29, 2003
SARS cases may surge with revised definition

May 28, 2003
Probable SARS cases higher under WHO definition
SARS not under-reported: medical officials
Nurses confused, angry over SARS crisis
1,700 students, staff in quarantine for SARS

May 27, 2003
Toronto tourism braces for second SARS hit

May 26, 2003
Toronto back on WHO list
Officials seek missing link in latest SARS cases

May 25, 2003
SARS cases linked to original cluster

May 24, 2003
500 quarantined in latest SARS scare
No SARS advisory against Toronto: WHO

May 23, 2003
WHO lifts Hong Kong travel advisory for SARS
New cases in Toronto likely SARS

May 22, 2003
Four new possible SARS cases in Toronto

May 12, 2003
Finnish case keeps Toronto on SARS hit list

May 11, 2003
SARS raises unrest in China
Ontario mishandled SARS, former senior official says
Ontario official rejects idea Finnish man got SARS in Toronto

May 10, 2003
Asian SARS trends still worries WHO

May 8, 2003
SARS more lethal for older people
WHO extends SARS travel advisory in China

May 7, 2003
WHO team heading to rural China to track SARS
SARS death rate higher than WHO estimate: study

May 6, 2003
SARS hasn't peaked globally: WHO
10,000 quarantined in Nanjing, China

May 5, 2003
Uncertainty surrounds SARS mortality rate
SARS virus can survive days outside body: WHO

May 3, 2003
SARS cases jump again in China

May 2, 2003
Ottawa offers $100 million to fight SARS

May 1, 2003
SARS experts urge world co-operation
More Toronto health workers may have SARS

April 30, 2003
Ontario's SARS deaths reach 23
SARS fight requires vigilance: health experts

April 29, 2003
WHO to lift Toronto travel advisory
Eves, Mirvishes, unveil SARS recovery plans
'We've turned the corner' on SARS: Chretien
Asian countries vow to work together against SARS

April 28, 2003
Copps criticizes government on SARS
PM didn't say no to SARS aid: Eves
Airports may get SARS fever sensors
SARS has peaked everywhere but China: WHO

April 27, 2003
Canada to contest Taiwan's SARS travel ban
SARS claims 21st victim in Toronto
Jays offer $1 seats to combat SARS scare

April 26, 2003
Airport fever sensors likely in SARS battle: McLellan
Some Toronto nurses quit over SARS

April 25, 2003
SARS claims 2 more victims in Toronto
WHO to review travel advisory: Eves
PM says fight against SARS travel ban will continue
SARS may be impossible to contain: health experts
Canadian Forces can spare only three health workers for SARS
WHO says Toronto travel ban wasn't political
Beijing quarantines 4,000 people for SARS

April 24, 2003
Ontario pledges SARS aid, but no details
Fear hurts Toronto as much as SARS: mayor
Health Canada protests WHO travel advisory
Military could relieve Ontario doctors in SARS outbreak
Toronto advisory stays for 3 weeks: WHO
SARS forces closure of major hospital in Beijing
WHO right to issue Toronto warning: U.K. docs

April 23, 2003
Toronto mayor rails against WHO warning
China closes schools to curb spread of SARS

April 22, 2003
PM will work with Ontario on SARS: Eves
Canada to host international SARS meeting
China clamps down as SARS cases grow
SARS fears as Indonesia casts boat people adrift
SARS outbreak could lead to lower economic growth in Q2: J.P. Morgan

April 21, 2003
Belligerent' SARS worker puts public at risk
SARS still under control in Ontario: expert

April 20, 2003
Train passengers possibly exposed to SARS
SARS fight may require federal money: Clement
SARS case closes Vancouver-area hospital ward
Toronto cabbies have SARS concerns
Huge jump in China's SARS cases

April 19, 2003
SARS targets younger victims, officials worried
Toronto hospital closes wards over SARS fears
SARS case closes Vancouver-area hospital ward
Hong Kong's SARS death toll rises sharply

April 18, 2003
Easter worship altered by SARS advisory

April 17, 2003
SARS fears grow in Toronto
SARS quarantine spreads to Montreal
Ontario eyes stronger SARS controls
Sewage blamed in Hong Kong SARS outbreak

April 16, 2003
Eves considers tax relief for SARS losses
Scientists may have identified SARS virus
Hong Kong checks fevers to control SARS
Beijing has more SARS than China admits

April 15, 2003
Outbreak puts damper on Easter in Toronto
SARS still contained in Toronto: health officials
Test for SARS within a week
SARS deaths jump again in Hong Kong

April 14, 2003
China 'very worried' about SARS
7 more SARS deaths in Hong Kong

April 13, 2003
Eight more SARS deaths in Hong Kong, Singapore

April 12, 2003
B.C. lab cracks suspected SARS code
SARS death toll rises to 13 in Ontario

April 11, 2003
SARS patient under 24-hour police guard
Man who broke quarantine may face charges

April 10, 2003
PM hopes meal helps debunk SARS myth
Scientists make small steps in identifying cause of SARS

April 9, 2003
Another 200 people ordered into quarantine in Toronto
SARS fight in Asia leads to travel restrictions

April 8, 2003
SARS claims 10th Canadian victim
Ontario gets 10,000 masks to battle SARS
Chinese exchange students quarantined by N.S. university

April 7, 2003
Funeral home may have spread SARS
Hong Kong fears tripling of SARS cases
Speed of SARS infections may offer new clues
Australia ends SARS watch on Toronto kids
NOVA SCOTIA: SARS scare keeps students away

April 6, 2003
Toronto's ninth SARS death confirmed
Speed of SARS infections may offer new clues

April 5, 2003
SARS death toll, fears rise in Ontario
Chinese refugees face SARS discrimination
China's inaction on SARS criticized by former diplomat
SARS toll continues to rise in Hong Kong
SARS deals Toronto economic hit

April 4, 2003
Court action taken to enforce SARS quarantine
China admits fumbling SARS warning
SARS showing cracks in public health system: workers
Local microbiologists help fight SARS (from CBC Winnipeg)
Canada helps lead fight to contain SARS
SARS deals Toronto economic hit

April 3, 2003
SARS cases climb, but no need to panic: officials
Ballet forges ahead with Chinese tour despite SARS fears (from CBC Winnipeg)
Toronto hotels lose millions over SARS
SARS volunteer ban burdens hospital staff
Beijing ordered media to cover up SARS
SARS deals Toronto economic hit
TORONTO: US doctors, school trips called off due to SARS
VANCOUVER: SARS fears having impact

April 2, 2003
China begins to co-operate with SARS fight
Officials expect 'blip' in Ontario SARS cases
Toronto health care officials defend SARS response
TORONTO: SARS forces closure of seniors homes, school
CALGARY: SARS suspected in two cases
MONTREAL: Montrealers slip through SARS screening
VANCOUVER: Staffing hitch for SARS clinic

April 1, 2003
Vancouver to open SARS clinic
SARS patients recovering, but travellers avoiding Toronto
Hong Kong opening quarantine camps for SARS patients

March 31, 2003
Hong Kong SARS quarantine may be too late, professor says
WINNIPEG: Theatre calls off Asian tour, blames SARS

March 30, 2003
SARS hurts Toronto businesses
New SARS death reported in Toronto
Nurses demand more protection against SARS
WHO researcher dies of SARS

March 29, 2003
SARS screening to be expanded
WINNIPEG: Local SARS worries on the rise

March 27, 2003
Ontario expands efforts to contain SARS
Canadian doubts SARS virus identified

March 26, 2003
Fear over illness delays trip to worlds
Chinese pneumonia toll climbs
Thousands of Ontario residents face SARS quarantine

March 25, 2003
Quarantine newest weapon in battle against SARS

March 24, 2003
Another SARS case reported in Toronto
Canadian, U.S. scientists debate cause of SARS

March 23, 2003
SARS forces emergency ward to shut down

March 22, 2003
Third SARS death, two new cases in Ontario

March 21, 2003
Canadian scientists find clue in SARS outbreak
Hong Kong doctors seek co-operation to track SARS

March 19, 2003
Health Canada issues 'mystery pneumonia' travel advisory

March 18, 2003
Doctors gain clue to cause of mystery illness

March 17, 2003
Contagious lung illness worldwide threat

March 16, 2003
Ontario reports new case of severe respiratory illness

March 15, 2003
Virulent pneumonia strain surfaces in Canada



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