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Same-sex rights

Votes on same-sex marriage

Last Updated December 8, 2006

On Dec. 7, 2006, members of the House of Commons voted down a Conservative motion to reopen the debate on the definition of marriage. The motion called on the government "to introduce legislation to restore the traditional definition of marriage without affecting civil unions and while respecting existing same-sex marriages."

The motion was voted down 175 to 123 against. While most Conservatives voted for the motion, 13 voted against it. And while most Liberals voted against the motion, 13 backed it. Members who voted against their party are marked in bold.

All NDP and Bloc Québécois members voted against the motion.

In Favour

  1. Jim Abbott (Conservative, British Columbia)
  2. Diane Ablonczy (Conservative, Alberta)
  3. Harold Albrecht (Conservative, Ontario)
  4. Mike Allen (Conservative, New Brunswick)
  5. Dean Allison (Conservative, Ontario)
  6. Rona Ambrose (Conservative, Alberta)
  7. Rob Anders (Conservative, Alberta)
  8. David Anderson (Conservative, Saskatchewan)
  9. Dave Batters (Conservative, Saskatchewan)
  10. Leon Benoit (Conservative, Alberta)
  11. Maxime Bernier (Conservative, Quebec)
  12. James Bezan (Conservative, Manitoba)
  13. Jean-Pierre Blackburn (Conservative, Quebec)
  14. Steven Blaney (Conservative, Quebec)
  15. Raymond Bonin (Liberal, Ontario)
  16. Sylvie Boucher (Conservative, Quebec)
  17. Garry Breitkreuz (Conservative, Saskatchewan)
  18. Gord Brown (Conservative, Ontario)
  19. Patrick Brown (Conservative, Ontario)
  20. Rod Bruinooge (Conservative, Manitoba)
  21. Gerry Byrne (Liberal, Newfoundland and Labrador)
  22. Blaine Calkins (Conservative, Alberta)
  23. Ron Cannan (Conservative, British Columbia))
  24. Colin Carrie (Conservative, Ontario)
  25. Rick Casson (Conservative, Alberta)
  26. Tony Clement (Conservative, Ontario)
  27. Roy Cullen (Liberal, Ontario)
  28. John Cummins (Conservative, British Columbia)
  29. Patricia Davidson (Conservative, Ontario)
  30. Stockwell Day (Conservative, British Columbia)
  31. Dean Del Mastro (Conservative, Ontario)
  32. Barry Devolin (Conservative, Ontario)
  33. Norman Doyle (Conservative, Newfoundland and Labrador)
  34. Rick Dykstra (Conservative, Ontario)
  35. Ken Epp (Conservative, Alberta)
  36. Ed Fast (Conservative, British Columbia)
  37. Diane Finley (Conservative, Ontario)
  38. Brian Fitzpatrick (Conservative, Saskatchewan)
  39. Jim Flaherty (Conservative, Ontario)
  40. Steven Fletcher (Conservative, Manitoba)
  41. Cheryl Gallant (Conservative, Ontario)
  42. Peter Goldring (Conservative, Alberta)
  43. Gary Goodyear (Conservative, Ontario)
  44. Jacques Gourde (Conservative, Quebec)
  45. Nina Grewal (Conservative, British Columbia)
  46. Helena Guergis (Conservative, Ontario)
  47. Art Hanger (Conservative, Alberta)
  48. Stephen Harper (Conservative, Alberta)
  49. Richard Harris (Conservative, British Columbia)
  50. Luc Harvey (Conservative, Quebec)
  51. Laurie Hawn (Conservative, Alberta)
  52. Loyola Hearn (Conservative, Newfoundland and Labrador)
  53. Russ Hiebert (Conservative, British Columbia)
  54. Jay Hill (Conservative, British Columbia)
  55. Betty Hinton (Conservative, British Columbia)
  56. Rahim Jaffer (Conservative, Alberta)
  57. Brian Jean (Conservative, Alberta)
  58. Randy Kamp (Conservative, British Columbia)
  59. Jim Karygiannis (Liberal, Ontario)
  60. Jason Kenney (Conservative, Alberta)
  61. Wajid Khan (Liberal, Ontario)
  62. Ed Komarnicki (Conservative, Saskatchewan)
  63. Daryl Kramp (Conservative, Ontario)
  64. Mike Lake (Conservative, Alberta)
  65. Guy Lauzon (Conservative, Ontario)
  66. Derek Lee (Liberal, Ontario)
  67. Pierre Lemieux (Conservative, Ontario)
  68. Tom Lukiwski (Conservative, Saskatchewan)
  69. Gary Lunn (Conservative, British Columbia)
  70. James Lunney (Conservative, British Columbia)
  71. Dave MacKenzie (Conservative, Ontario)
  72. Gurbax Malhi (Liberal, Ontario)
  73. Inky Mark (Conservative, Manitoba)
  74. Colin Mayes (Conservative, British Columbia)
  75. John McKay (Liberal, Ontario)
  76. Dan McTeague (Liberal, Ontario)
  77. Ted Menzies (Conservative, Alberta)
  78. Rob Merrifield (Conservative, Alberta)
  79. Larry Miller (Conservative, Ontario)
  80. Bob Mills (Conservative, Alberta)
  81. Rob Moore (Conservative, New Brunswick)
  82. Rob Nicholson (Conservative, Ontario)
  83. Rick Norlock (Conservative, Ontario)
  84. Gordon O'Connor (Conservative, Ontario)
  85. Deepak Obhrai (Conservative, Alberta)
  86. Bev Oda (Conservative, Ontario)
  87. Brian Pallister (Conservative, Manitoba)
  88. Daniel Petit (Conservative, Quebec)
  89. Pierre Poilievre (Conservative, Ontario)
  90. Joe Preston (Conservative, Ontario)
  91. James Rajotte (Conservative, Alberta)
  92. Scott Reid (Conservative, Ontario)
  93. Gerry Ritz (Conservative, Saskatchewan)
  94. Francis Scarpaleggia (Liberal, Quebec)
  95. Andrew Scheer (Conservative, Saskatchewan)
  96. Gary Schellenberger (Conservative, Ontario)
  97. Bev Shipley (Conservative, Ontario)
  98. Carol Skelton (Conservative, Saskatchewan)
  99. Joy Smith (Conservative, Manitoba)
  100. Monte Solberg (Conservative, Alberta)
  101. Kevin Sorenson (Conservative, Alberta)
  102. Bruce Stanton (Conservative, Ontario)
  103. Paul Steckle (Liberal, Ontario)
  104. Brian Storseth (Conservative, Alberta)
  105. Chuck Strahl (Conservative, British Columbia)
  106. David Sweet (Conservative, Ontario)
  107. Greg Francis Thompson (Conservative, New Brunswick)
  108. Myron Thompson (Conservative, Alberta)
  109. David Tilson (Conservative, Ontario)
  110. Vic Toews (Conservative, Manitoba)
  111. Alan Tonks (Liberal, Ontario)
  112. Bradley Trost (Conservative, Saskatchewan)
  113. Merv Tweed (Conservative, Manitoba)
  114. David Van Kesteren (Conservative, Ontario)
  115. Peter Van Loan (Conservative, Ontario)
  116. Maurice Vellacott (Conservative, Saskatchewan)
  117. Mike Wallace (Conservative, Ontario)
  118. Tom Wappel (Liberal, Ontario)
  119. Mark Warawa (Conservative, British Columbia)
  120. Chris Warkentin (Conservative, Alberta)
  121. Jeff Watson (Conservative, Ontario)
  122. John Williams (Conservative, Alberta)
  123. Lynne Yelich (Conservative, Saskatchewan)


  1. Omar Alghabra (Liberal, Ontario)
  2. Guy André (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  3. Charlie Angus (NDP, Ontario)
  4. Gerard Asselin (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  5. Alex Atamanenko (NDP, British Columbia)
  6. Claude Bachand (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  7. Larry Bagnell (Liberal, Yukon)
  8. Navdeep Bains (Liberal, Ontario)
  9. John Baird (Conservative, Ontario)
  10. Vivian Barbot (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  11. Colleen Beaumier (Liberal, Ontario)
  12. Mauril Bélanger (Liberal, Ontario)
  13. Catherine Bell (NDP, British Columbia)
  14. Don Bell (Liberal, British Columbia)
  15. André Bellavance (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  16. Carolyn Bennett (Liberal, Ontario)Bevilacqua
  17. Dennis Bevington (NDP, Northwest Territories)
  18. Bernard Bigras (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  19. Dawn Black (NDP, British Columbia)
  20. Bill Blaikie (NDP, Manitoba)
  21. Raynald Blais (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  22. France Bonsant (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  23. Ken Boshcoff (Liberal, Ontario)
  24. Robert Bouchard (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  25. Diane Bourgeois (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  26. Scott Brison (Liberal, Nova Scotia)
  27. Bonnie Brown (Liberal, Ontario)
  28. Paule Brunelle (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  29. Lawrence Cannon (Conservative, Quebec)
  30. Robert Carrier (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  31. Bill Casey (Conservative, Nova Scotia)
  32. Brenda Chamberlain (Liberal, Ontario)
  33. Raymond Chan (Liberal, British Columbia)
  34. Chris Charlton (NDP, Ontario)
  35. Michael Chong (Conservative, Ontario)
  36. Olivia Chow (NDP, Ontario)
  37. David Christopherson (NDP, Ontario)
  38. Denis Coderre (Liberal, Quebec)
  39. Joe Comartin (NDP, Ontario)
  40. Joe Comuzzi (Liberal, Ontario)
  41. Irwin Cotler (Liberal, Quebec)
  42. Paul Cr�te (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  43. Jean Crowder (NDP, British Columbia)
  44. Nathan Cullen (NDP, British Columbia)
  45. Rodger Cuzner (Liberal, Nova Scotia)
  46. Jean-Claude D'Amours (Liberal, New Brunswick)
  47. Libby Davies (NDP, British Columbia)
  48. Claude DeBellefeuille (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  49. Nicole Demers (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  50. Johanne Deschamps (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  51. Paul Dewar (NDP, Ontario)
  52. Sukh Dhaliwal (Liberal, British Columbia)
  53. Ruby Dhalla (Liberal, Ontario)
  54. Stéphane Dion (Liberal, Quebec)
  55. Ujjal Dosanjh (Liberal, British Columbia)
  56. Ken Dryden (Liberal, Ontario)
  57. Gilles Duceppe (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  58. Wayne Easter (Liberal, Prince Edward Island)
  59. David Emerson (Conservative, British Columbia)
  60. Mark Eyking (Liberal, Nova Scotia)
  61. Meili Faille (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  62. Carole Freeman (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  63. Hedy Fry (Liberal, British Columbia)
  64. Christiane Gagnon (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  65. Roger Gaudet (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  66. Michel Gauthier (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  67. John Godfrey (Liberal, Ontario)
  68. Yvon Godin (NDP, New Brunswick)
  69. Ralph Goodale (Liberal, Saskatchewan)
  70. Bill Graham (Liberal, Ontario)
  71. Albina Guarnieri (Liberal, Ontario)
  72. Monique Guay (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  73. Michel Guimond (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  74. Mark Holland (Liberal, Ontario)
  75. Charles Hubbard (Liberal, New Brunswick)
  76. Michael Ignatieff (Liberal, Ontario)
  77. Marlene Jennings (Liberal, Quebec)
  78. Peter Julian (NDP, British Columbia)
  79. Susan Kadis (Liberal, Ontario)
  80. Nancy Karetak-Lindell (Liberal, Nunavut)
  81. Gerald Keddy (Conservative, Nova Scotia)
  82. Tina Keeper (Liberal, Manitoba)
  83. Maka Kotto (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  84. Jean-Yves Laforest (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  85. Mario Laframboise (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  86. Francine Lalonde (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  87. Jean Lapierre (Liberal, Quebec)
  88. Carole Lavallée (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  89. Jack Layton (NDP, Ontario)
  90. Dominic LeBlanc (Liberal, New Brunswick)
  91. Marc Lemay (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  92. Yves Lessard (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  93. Yvan Loubier (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  94. Yvon Lévesque (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  95. Lawrence MacAulay (Liberal, Prince Edward Island)
  96. Peter MacKay (Conservative, Nova Scotia)
  97. Luc Malo (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  98. John Maloney (Liberal, Ontario)
  99. Fabian Manning (Conservative, Newfoundland and Labrador)
  100. Diane Marleau (Liberal, Ontario)
  101. Wayne Marston (NDP, Ontario)
  102. Keith Martin (Liberal, British Columbia)
  103. Paul Martin (Liberal, Quebec)
  104. Pat Martin (NDP, Manitoba)
  105. Tony Martin (NDP, Ontario)
  106. Brian Masse (NDP, Ontario)
  107. Irene Mathyssen (NDP, Ontario)
  108. Bill Matthews (Liberal, Newfoundland and Labrador)
  109. John McCallum (Liberal, Ontario)
  110. Alexa McDonough (NDP, Nova Scotia)
  111. David McGuinty (Liberal, Ontario)
  112. Joe McGuire (Liberal, Prince Edward Island)
  113. Réal Ménard (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  114. Serge Ménard (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  115. Gary Merasty (Liberal, Saskatchewan)
  116. Maria Minna (Liberal, Ontario)
  117. James Moore (Conservative, British Columbia)
  118. Maria Mourani (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  119. Brian Murphy (Liberal, New Brunswick)
  120. Shawn Murphy (Liberal, Prince Edward Island)
  121. Richard Nadeau (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  122. Peggy Nash (NDP, Ontario)
  123. Anita Neville (Liberal, Manitoba)
  124. Christian Ouellet (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  125. Stephen Owen (Liberal, British Columbia)
  126. Massimo Pacetti (Liberal, Quebec)
  127. Pierre Paquette (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  128. Christian Paradis (Conservative, Quebec)
  129. Bernard Patry (Liberal, Quebec)
  130. Glen Pearson (Liberal, Ontario)
  131. Gilles-A. Perron (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  132. Jim Peterson (Liberal, Ontario)
  133. Pauline Picard (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  134. Louis Plamondon (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  135. Jim Prentice (Conservative, Alberta)
  136. Penny Priddy (NDP, British Columbia)
  137. Marcel Proulx (Liberal, Quebec)
  138. Yasmin Ratansi (Liberal, Ontario)
  139. Karen Redman (Liberal, Ontario)
  140. Geoff Regan (Liberal, Nova Scotia)
  141. Lee Richardson (Conservative, Alberta)
  142. Lucienne Robillard (Liberal, Quebec)
  143. Pablo Rodriguez (Liberal, Quebec)
  144. Anthony Rota (Liberal, Ontario)
  145. Jean-Yves Roy (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  146. Todd Russell (Liberal, Newfoundland and Labrador)
  147. Michael Savage (Liberal, Nova Scotia)
  148. Denise Savoie (NDP, British Columbia)
  149. Andy Scott (Liberal, New Brunswick)
  150. Judy Sgro (Liberal, Ontario)
  151. Bill Siksay (NDP, British Columbia)
  152. Maria Silva (Liberal, Ontario)
  153. Raymond Simard (Liberal, Manitoba)
  154. Scott Simms (Liberal, Newfoundland and Labrador)
  155. Thierry St-Cyr (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  156. Caroline St-Hilaire (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  157. Lloyd St. Amand (Liberal, Ontario)
  158. Brent St. Denis (Liberal, Ontario)
  159. Peter Stoffer (NDP, Nova Scotia)
  160. Belinda Stronach (Liberal, Ontario)
  161. Paul Szabo (Liberal, Ontario)
  162. Andrew Telegdi (Liberal, Ontario)
  163. Lui Temelovski (Liberal, Ontario)
  164. Robert Thibault (Liberal, Nova Scotia)
  165. Garth Turner (Independent, Ontario)
  166. Roger Valley (Liberal, Ontario)
  167. Josée Verner (Conservative, Quebec)
  168. Robert Vincent (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)
  169. Joe Volpe (Liberal, Ontario)
  170. Judy Wasylycia-Leis (NDP, Manitoba)
  171. Bryon Wilfert (Liberal, Ontario)
  172. Blair Wilson (Liberal, Ontario)
  173. Borys Wrzesnewskyi (Liberal, Ontario)
  174. Paul Zed (Liberal, New Brunswick)


  1. Royal Galipeau (Conservative, Ontario)
  2. Yvan Loubier (Bloc Québécois, Quebec)


  1. Peter Milliken (Liberal, Ontario) - Speaker does not vote

In June 2005 the Liberal government's same-sex marriage legislation, C-38, passed final reading in the House of Commons, sailing through in a 158-133 vote. It was supported by most members of the Liberals, the Bloc Québécois and the NDP, the legislation passed easily, at the time making Canada only the third country in the world, after the Netherlands and Belgium, to officially recognize same-sex marriage.

In Favour

  1. Adams, Peter (Liberal, Ontario)
  2. Alcock, Reg (Liberal, Manitoba)
  3. Anderson, David (Liberal, British Columbia)
  4. André, Guy (Bloc, Quebec)
  5. Angus, Charlie (NDP, Ontario)
  6. Augustine, Jean (Liberal, Ontario)
  7. Bachand, Claude (Bloc, Quebec)
  8. Bagnell, Larry (Liberal, Yukon
  9. Bains, Navdeep (Liberal, Ontario)
  10. Barnes, Sue, (Liberal, Ontario)
  11. Beaumier, Colleen (Liberal, Ontario)
  12. Bélanger, Mauril (Liberal, Ontario)
  13. Bell, Don (Liberal, British Columbia)
  14. Bellavance, André (Bloc, Quebec)
  15. Bennett, Carolyn (Liberal, Ontario)
  16. Bevilacqua, Maurizio (Liberal, Ontario)
  17. Bigras, Bernard (Bloc, Quebec)
  18. Blaikie, Bill (NDP, Manitoba)
  19. Blais, Raynald (Bloc, Quebec)
  20. Blondin-Andrew, Ethel (Liberal, Northwest Territories)
  21. Boire, Alain (Bloc, Quebec)
  22. Boivin, Fran�oise (Liberal, Quebec)
  23. Bonsant, France (Bloc, Quebec)
  24. Boudria, Don (Liberal, Ontario)
  25. Boulianne, Marc (Bloc, Quebec)
  26. Bourgeois, Diane (Bloc, Quebec)
  27. Bradshaw, Claudette (Liberal, New Brunswick)
  28. Brison, Scott (Liberal, Nova Scotia)
  29. Broadbent, Ed (NDP, Ontario)
  30. Brown, Gord (Conservative, Ontario)
  31. Brunelle, Paule (Bloc, Quebec)
  32. Bulte, Sarmite (Liberal, Ontario)
  33. Carrier, Robert (Bloc, Quebec)
  34. Carroll, Aileen (Liberal, Ontario)
  35. Catterall, Marlene (Liberal, Ontario)
  36. Chan, Raymond (Liberal, British Columbia)
  37. Christopherson, David (NDP, Ontario)
  38. Clavet, Roger (Bloc, Quebec)
  39. Cleary, Bernard (Bloc, Quebec)
  40. Coderre, Denis (Liberal, Quebec)
  41. Comartin, Joe (NDP, Ontario)
  42. C�té, Guy (Bloc, Quebec)
  43. Cotler, Irwin (Liberal, Quebec)
  44. Cr�te, Paul (Bloc, Quebec)
  45. Crowder, Jean (NDP, British Columbia)
  46. Cullen, Nathan (NDP, British Columbia)
  47. D'Amours, Jean-Claude (Liberal, New Brunswick)
  48. Davies, Libby (NDP, British Columbia)
  49. Demers, Nicole (Bloc, Quebec)
  50. Deschamps, Johanne (Bloc, Quebec)
  51. DeVillers, Paul (Liberal, Ontario)
  52. Dhalla, Ruby (Liberal, Ontario)
  53. Dion, Stéphane (Liberal, Quebec)
  54. Dosanjh, Ujjal (Liberal, British Columbia)
  55. Drouin, Claude (Liberal, Quebec)
  56. Dryden, Ken (Liberal, Ontario)
  57. Duceppe, Gilles (Bloc, Quebec)
  58. Easter, Wayne (Liberal, Prince Edward Island
  59. Emerson, David (Liberal, British Columbia)
  60. Eyking, Mark (Liberal, Nova Scotia)
  61. Faille, Meili (Bloc, Quebec)
  62. Folco, Raymonde (Liberal, Quebec)
  63. Fontana, Joe (Liberal, Ontario)
  64. Frulla, Liza (Liberal, Quebec)
  65. Fry, Hedy (Liberal, British Columbia)
  66. Gagnon, Christiane (Bloc, Quebec)
  67. Gagnon, Marcel (Bloc, Quebec)
  68. Gagnon, Sébastien (Bloc, Quebec)
  69. Gauthier, Michel (Bloc, Quebec)
  70. Godbout, Marc (Liberal, Ontario)
  71. Godfrey, John (Liberal, Ontario)
  72. Godin, Yvon (NDP, New Brunswick)
  73. Goodale, Ralph (Liberal, Saskatchewan)
  74. Graham, Bill (Liberal, Ontario)
  75. Guarnieri, Albina (Liberal, Ontario)
  76. Guay, Monique (Bloc, Quebec)
  77. Guimond, Michel (Bloc, Quebec)
  78. Holland, Mark (Liberal, Ontario)
  79. Ianno, Tony (Liberal, Ontario)
  80. Jennings, Marlene (Liberal, Quebec)
  81. Julian, Peter (NDP, British Columbia)
  82. Kadis, Susan (Liberal, Ontario)
  83. Karetak-Lindell, Nancy (Liberal, Nunavut)
  84. Keddy, Gerald (Conservative, Nova Scotia)
  85. Laframboise, Mario (Bloc, Quebec)
  86. Lalonde, Francine (Bloc, Quebec)
  87. Lapierre, Jean (Liberal, Quebec)
  88. Lapierre, Réal (Bloc, Quebec)
  89. Lavallée, Carole (Bloc, Quebec)
  90. Layton, Jack (NDP, Ontario)
  91. LeBlanc, Dominic (Liberal, New Brunswick)
  92. Lemay, Marc (Bloc, Quebec)
  93. Lessard, Yves (Bloc, Quebec)
  94. Lévesque, Yvon (Bloc, Quebec)
  95. Loubier, Yvan (Bloc, Quebec)
  96. Macklin, Paul Harold (Liberal, Ontario)
  97. Marceau, Richard (Bloc, Quebec)
  98. Marleau, Diane (Liberal, Ontario)
  99. Martin Paul (Liberal, Quebec)
  100. Martin, Keith (Liberal, British Columbia)
  101. Martin, Pat (NDP, Manitoba)
  102. Martin, Tony (NDP, Ontario)
  103. Masse, Brian (NDP, Ontario)
  104. McCallum, John (Liberal, Ontario)
  105. McDonough, Alexa (NDP, Nova Scotia)
  106. McGuinty, David (Liberal, Ontario)
  107. McGuire, Joe (Liberal, Prince Edward Island
  108. McLellan, Anne (Liberal, Alberta)
  109. Ménard, Réal (Bloc, Quebec)
  110. Ménard, Serge (Bloc, Quebec)
  111. Minna, Maria (Liberal, Ontario)
  112. Mitchell, Andy (Liberal, Ontario)
  113. Moore, James (Conservative, British Columbia)
  114. Murphy, Shawn (Liberal, Prince Edward Island
  115. Myers, Lynn (Liberal, Ontario)
  116. Neville, Anita (Liberal, Manitoba)
  117. Owen, Stephen (Liberal, British Columbia)
  118. Paradis, Denis (Liberal, Quebec)
  119. Peterson, Jim (Liberal, Ontario)
  120. Pettigrew, Pierre (Liberal, Quebec)
  121. Phinney, Beth (Liberal, Ontario)
  122. Picard, Pauline (Bloc, Quebec)
  123. Pickard, Jerry (Liberal, Ontario)
  124. Plamondon, Louis (Bloc, Quebec)
  125. Poirier-Rivard, Denise (Bloc, Quebec)
  126. Powers, Russ (Liberal, Ontario)
  127. Prentice, Jim (Conservative, Alberta)
  128. Proulx, Marcel (Liberal, Quebec)
  129. Ratansi, Yasmin (Liberal, Ontario)
  130. Redman, Karen (Liberal, Ontario)
  131. Regan, Geoff (Liberal, Nova Scotia)
  132. Robillard, Lucienne (Liberal, Quebec)
  133. Rodriguez, Pablo (Liberal, Quebec)
  134. Rota, Anthony (Liberal, Ontario)
  135. Roy, Jean-Yves (Bloc, Quebec)
  136. Russell, Todd Norman (Liberal, Newfoundland and Labrador)
  137. Saada, Jacques (Liberal, Quebec)
  138. Sauvageau, Beno�t (Bloc, Quebec)
  139. Savage, Michael (Liberal, Nova Scotia)
  140. Scott, Andy (Liberal, New Brunswick)
  141. Sgro, Judy (Liberal, Ontario)
  142. Siksay, Bill (NDP, British Columbia)
  143. Silva, Mario (Liberal, Ontario)
  144. Simard, Christian (Bloc, Quebec)
  145. Smith, David (Liberal, Quebec)
  146. St. Amand, Lloyd (Liberal, Ontario)
  147. St. Denis, Brent (Liberal, Ontario)
  148. Stoffer, Peter (NDP, Nova Scotia)
  149. Stronach, Belinda (Liberal, Ontario)
  150. Telegdi, Andrew (Liberal, Ontario)
  151. Temelkovski, Lui (Liberal, Ontario)
  152. Thibault, Robert (Liberal, Nova Scotia)
  153. Torsney, Paddy (Liberal, Ontario)
  154. Valeri, Tony (Liberal, Ontario)
  155. Valley, Roger (Liberal, Ontario)
  156. Vincent, Robert (Bloc, Quebec)
  157. Volpe, Joseph (Liberal, Ontario)
  158. Wrzesnewskyj, Borys (Liberal, Ontario)


  1. Abbott, Jim (Conservative, British Columbia)
  2. Ablonczy, Diane (Conservative, Alberta)
  3. Allison, Dean (Conservative, Ontario)
  4. Ambrose, Rona (Conservative, Alberta)
  5. Anders, Rob (Conservative, Alberta)
  6. Anderson, David (Conservative, Saskatchewan)
  7. Batters, Dave (Conservative, Saskatchewan)
  8. Benoit, Leon (Conservative, Alberta)
  9. Bezan, James (Conservative, Manitoba)
  10. Bonin, Raymond (Liberal, Ontario)
  11. Boshcoff, Ken (Liberal, Ontario)
  12. Bouchard, Robert (Bloc, Quebec)
  13. Breitkreuz, Garry (Conservative, Saskatchewan)
  14. Brown, Bonnie (Liberal, Ontario)
  15. Cannis, John (Liberal, Ontario)
  16. Cardin, Serge (Bloc, Quebec)
  17. Carr, Gary (Liberal, Ontario)
  18. Carrie, Colin (Conservative, Ontario)
  19. Casey, Bill (Conservative, Nova Scotia)
  20. Casson, Rick (Conservative, Alberta)
  21. Chamberlain, Brenda (Liberal, Ontario)
  22. Chatters, David (Conservative, Alberta)
  23. Chong, Michael (Conservative, Ontario)
  24. Comuzzi, Joe (Liberal, Ontario)
  25. Cummins, John (Conservative, British Columbia)
  26. Cuzner, Rodger (Liberal, Nova Scotia)
  27. Day, Stockwell (Conservative, British Columbia)
  28. Desjarlais, Bev (NDP, Manitoba)
  29. Devolin, Barry (Conservative, Ontario)
  30. Doyle, Norman (Conservative, Newfoundland and Labrador)
  31. Duncan, John (Conservative, British Columbia)
  32. Epp, Ken (Conservative, Alberta)
  33. Finley, Diane (Conservative, Ontario)
  34. Fitzpatrick, Brian (Conservative, Saskatchewan)
  35. Fletcher, Steven (Conservative, Manitoba)
  36. Forseth, Paul (Conservative, British Columbia)
  37. Gallant, Cheryl (Conservative, Ontario)
  38. Gallaway, Roger (Liberal, Ontario)
  39. Gaudet, Roger (Bloc, Quebec)
  40. Goldring, Peter (Conservative, Alberta)
  41. Goodyear, Gary (Conservative, Ontario)
  42. Grewal, Gurmant (Conservative, British Columbia)
  43. Grewal, Nina (Conservative, British Columbia)
  44. Guergis, Helena (Conservative, Ontario)
  45. Hanger, Art (Conservative, Alberta)
  46. Harper, Stephen (Conservative, Alberta)
  47. Harris, Richard (Conservative, British Columbia)
  48. Harrison, Jeremy (Conservative, Saskatchewan)
  49. Hearn, Loyola (Conservative, Newfoundland and Labrador)
  50. Hiebert, Russ (Conservative, British Columbia)
  51. Hill, Jay (Conservative, British Columbia)
  52. Hinton, Betty (Conservative, British Columbia)
  53. Hubbard, Charles (Liberal, New Brunswick)
  54. Jaffer, Rahim (Conservative, Alberta)
  55. Jean, Brian (Conservative, Alberta)
  56. Johnston, Dale (Conservative, Alberta)
  57. Kamp, Randy (Conservative, British Columbia)
  58. Karygiannis, Jim (Liberal, Ontario)
  59. Kenney, Jason (Conservative, Alberta)
  60. Khan, Wajid (Liberal, Ontario)
  61. Kilgour, David (Ind., Alberta)
  62. Komarnicki, Ed (Conservative, Saskatchewan)
  63. Kramp, Daryl (Conservative, Ontario)
  64. Lastewka, Walt (Liberal, Ontario)
  65. Lauzon, Guy (Conservative, Ontario)
  66. Lee, Derek (Liberal, Ontario)
  67. Longfield, Judi (Liberal, Ontario)
  68. Lukiwski, Tom (Conservative, Saskatchewan)
  69. Lunn, Gary (Conservative, British Columbia)
  70. Lunney, James (Conservative, British Columbia)
  71. MacAulay, Lawrence (Liberal, Prince Edward Island
  72. MacKay, Peter (Conservative, Nova Scotia)
  73. MacKenzie, Dave (Conservative, Ontario)
  74. Malhi, Gurbax (Liberal, Ontario)
  75. Maloney, John (Liberal, Ontario)
  76. Mark, Inky (Conservative, Manitoba)
  77. Matthews, Bill (Liberal, Newfoundland and Labrador)
  78. McKay, John (Liberal, Ontario)
  79. McTeague, Dan (Liberal, Ontario)
  80. Menzies, Ted (Conservative, Alberta)
  81. Merrifield, Rob (Conservative, Alberta)
  82. Miller, Larry (Conservative, Ontario)
  83. Mills, Bob (Conservative, Alberta)
  84. Moore, Rob (Conservative, New Brunswick)
  85. Nicholson, Rob (Conservative, Ontario)
  86. Obhrai, Deepak (Conservative, Alberta)
  87. O'Brien, Pat (Ind., Ontario)
  88. O'Connor, Gordon (Conservative, Ontario)
  89. Oda, Bev (Conservative, Ontario)
  90. Pacetti, Massimo (Liberal, Quebec)
  91. Pallister, Brian (Conservative, Manitoba)
  92. Perron, Gilles-A. (Bloc, Quebec)
  93. Poilievre, Pierre (Conservative, Ontario)
  94. Preston, Joe (Conservative, Ontario)
  95. Rajotte, James (Conservative, Alberta)
  96. Reid, Scott (Conservative, Ontario)
  97. Reynolds, John (Conservative, British Columbia)
  98. Richardson, Lee (Conservative, Alberta)
  99. Ritz, Gerry (Conservative, Saskatchewan)
  100. Savoy, Andy (Liberal, New Brunswick)
  101. Scarpaleggia, Francis (Liberal, Quebec)
  102. Scheer, Andrew (Conservative, Saskatchewan)
  103. Schellenberger, Gary (Conservative, Ontario)
  104. Schmidt, Werner (Conservative, British Columbia)
  105. Simard, Raymond (Liberal, Manitoba)
  106. Simms, Scott (Liberal, Newfoundland and Labrador)
  107. Skelton, Carol (Conservative, Saskatchewan)
  108. Smith, Joy (Conservative, Manitoba)
  109. Solberg, Monte (Conservative, Alberta)
  110. Sorenson, Kevin (Conservative, Alberta)
  111. Steckle, Paul (Liberal, Ontario)
  112. Stinson, Darrel (Conservative, British Columbia)
  113. Strahl, Chuck (Conservative, British Columbia)
  114. Szabo, Paul (Liberal, Ontario)
  115. Thibault, Louise (Bloc, Quebec)
  116. Thompson, Greg (Conservative, New Brunswick)
  117. Thompson, Myron (Conservative, Alberta)
  118. Tilson, David (Conservative, Ontario)
  119. Toews, Vic (Conservative, Manitoba)
  120. Tonks, Alan (Liberal, Ontario)
  121. Trost, Bradley (Conservative, Saskatchewan)
  122. Tweed, Merv (Conservative, Manitoba)
  123. Ur, Rose-Marie (Liberal, Ontario)
  124. Van Loan, Peter (Conservative, Ontario)
  125. Vellacott, Maurice (Conservative, Saskatchewan)
  126. Wappel, Tom (Liberal, Ontario)
  127. Warawa, Mark (Conservative, British Columbia)
  128. Watson, Jeff (Conservative, Ontario)
  129. White, Randy (Conservative, British Columbia)
  130. Wilfert, Bryon (Liberal, Ontario)
  131. Williams, John (Conservative, Alberta)
  132. Yelich, Lynne (Conservative, Saskatchewan)
  133. Zed, Paul (Liberal, New Brunswick)


  1. Bergeron, Stéphane (Bloc, Quebec)
  2. Cullen, Roy, (Liberal, Ontario)
  3. Paquette, Pierre (Bloc, Quebec)
  4. Patry, Bernard (Liberal, Quebec)

Absent or abstained

  1. Asselin, Gérard (Bloc, Quebec)
  2. Bakopanos, Eleni (Liberal, Quebec)
  3. Byrne, Gerry (Liberal, Newfoundland and Labrador)
  4. Cadman, Chuck (Ind., British Columbia)
  5. Desrochers, Odina (Bloc, Quebec)
  6. Efford, R. John (Liberal, Newfoundland and Labrador)
  7. Gouk, Jim (Conservative, British Columbia)
  8. Kotto, Maka (Bloc, Quebec)
  9. Milliken, Peter, Speaker (Liberal, Ontario)
  10. Parrish, Carolyn (Ind., Ontario)
  11. Penson, Charlie (Conservative, Alberta)
  12. St-Hilaire, Caroline (Bloc, Quebec)
  13. Wasylycia-Leis, Judy (NDP, Manitoba)