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CBC News Online | May 09, 2005


May 4, 2004: Ottawa opens limited cod fishery

April 28, 2004: Fishery changed cod breeding: study


June 4, 2003: Fishermen reject Ottawa's cod fishery compensation

May 13, 2003: Nfld. taking offensive in cod fight with Ottawa

May 7, 2003: Nfld. threatens court action over cod

May 2, 2003: Atlantic cod moved to endangered list

April 25, 2003: Ottawa closes East Coast cod fishery

March 4, 2003: Fishermen, scientists square off over cod population

Feb. 27, 2003: Cod stocks not recovering: scientists


April 8, 2002: Panel aims for peace in Burnt Church dispute


Aug. 27, 2001: RCMP check for lobster sabotage in Miramichi

Aug. 26, 2001: Eyes on water, clock in Burnt Church, N.B.

Aug. 24, 2001: Ottawa makes new offer in Burnt Church dispute

Aug. 20, 2001: Ottawa moves to defuse Burnt Church tension

April 2, 2001: First Nations advised not to sign new fishing agreements with Ottawa


October 25, 2000: Lobster deal reached

August 14, 2000: Burnt Church natives say they won't back down

August 14, 2000: Native blockade follows DFO raid on lobster traps

August 12, 2000: N.B. natives and DFO face off over lobster

August 10, 2000: Burnt Church Mi'kmaq reject Ottawa's offer

August 9, 2000: Fishery dispute likely to continue all summer

July 21, 2000: Cod compromise

July 20, 2000: Cod crisis on both sides of Atlantic

July 4, 2000: DFO keeping watch over lobster opening

June 7, 2000: Dhaliwal cancels Burnt Church meeting

June 1, 2000: Ottawa cracks down on native fishing in N.B.

May 9, 2000: Aboriginals test the waters in dispute over lobster

April 7, 2000: Northern cod outlook dismal

March 26, 2000: Treaty rights not for sale, Dhaliwal told

March 14, 2000: Ghost nets litter Newfoundland waters

March 7, 2000: Government closes last Nfld. Cod fishery

February 25, 2000: Feds to buy back lobster licences

February 16, 2000: Native fishers will harvest in April regardless of Ottawa

February 14, 2000: Dhaliwal promises interim fishing deal before new season

February 14, 2000: More trouble between DFO and natives

February 11, 2000: Fisheries minister hopes to ink deal by spring

February 8, 2000: Fishermen's union waiting for government plan

February 3, 2000: Mi'kmaq angry over Federal approach to negotiations


November 25, 1999: Fisheries committee studies Marshall decision

November 18, 1999: Mixed reaction to top court's 'clarification'

November 18, 1999: First Nations react to Marshall clarification

November 17, 1999: Supreme Court won't re-hear Marshall case

November 17, 1999: Court limits Marshall decision

October 19, 1999: Fishermen ask Supreme Court to reconsider ruling on native rights

Oct. 14, 1999: Violence feared as First Nations cancel fishing ban

October 11, 1999: Dhaliwal sets limits for fishing by two bands

October 8, 1999: Native fishers in Burnt Church vow to defy moratorium

October 5, 1999: First Nations people want Ottawa to leave fisheries ruling alone

October 4, 1999: First Nations people want Ottawa to leave fisheries ruling alone

October 1, 1999: Ottawa says Mi'kmaq can keep fishing

September 18, 1999: Nova Scotia worried about reaction to Mi'kmaq ruling

September 18, 1999: Top court upholds native treaty

April 20, 1999: Atlantic shellfish going the way of cod, says report

May 28, 1999: FRCC recommends NE coast cod quota

March 12, 1999: Cod stock looking good in 3PS

March 10, 1999: 'Seals destroy cod stocks'


Aug. 29, 1998: End of an era as TAGS program folds

Aug. 19, 1998: Fishers angry at new compensation program

June 16, 1998: Federal cabinet dealing with life after TAGS

March 23, 1998: Fisheries committee takes aim at bureaucrats

Feb 11, 1998: Little hope for cod fishery, report says



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