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CBC News Online | Feb. 23, 2005

Ralph Goodale
Finance Minister Ralph Goodale responds to a question during a new conference after he delivered his budget in the House of Commons in Ottawa, Wednesday February 23, 2005.(CP PHOTO/Fred Chartrand)

"Today, we build on what has gone before – and for those who will come after – not by making promises, but by making good on promises."
– Finance Minister Ralph Goodale

"I'm a lot happier than I thought I'd be. The major priorities in this budget are Conservative priorities. Does it go far enough? Of course not ... but I certainly don't see anything in this budget that would warrant two elections in a year."
– Stephen Harper, Conservative leader

"We have concerns ... We'll give it a close study over the next few days.... We expected a little better.... There's a certain sense of betrayal setting in.... The plan for Kyoto is completely missing."
– Jack Layton, New Democratic Party leader

"It's just unacceptable for Quebec ... so there's no way the Bloc can support such a budget."
– Gilles Duceppe, Bloc Québécois leader

"This budget will condemn our people to last place for a lot longer. The Prime Minister's commitment to transformative change must be backed up by real investments and a real effort to work together to fix a broken system that's holding all of us back. It is impossible for First Nations to create 'transformative change' if we are stuck managing poverty."
– Phil Fontaine, National Chief, Assembly of First Nations

"We are pleased to see some small steps toward early learning and child care. But I am disappointed that this budget has not yet begun to address the fiscal imbalance in Canada. And it does not address key Ontario priorities such as spending on post-secondary education, immigration and infrastructure."
– Greg Sorbara, Ontario finance minister

"Instead of fully addressing the long-term interest of working citizens the budget delivered a paltry tax-cut to average Canadians that will not pay for 2 tickets to the movies. Working people paid the bill to defeat the deficit. It's payback time and this budget has cheated them."
– Ken Georgetti, President, Canadian Labour Congress

"It is a financial windfall for corporations and wealthy Canadians and a wait-for-tomorrow budget for almost everyone else."
– Paul Moist, National president, CUPE

"The tax relief is very modest and back-end loaded. Nothing in the budget will increase corporate productivity growth or competitiveness. I'd give Ottawa a C+ for this one."
– Sherry Cooper, Chief economist, BMO Nesbitt Burns

"The budget talks about delivering on commitments, but where is the $1.5 billion promised in the last election for affordable housing?"
– Rene Daoust, President, Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada

"This announcement does not create confidence in Canada's ability to take effective legislative action to implement a Kyoto plan. We need a strong regulatory framework which is not apparent in the budget."
– Paul Muldoon, Executive director, Canadian Environmental Law Association

"With today's budget, the Government of Canada has confirmed its partnership with Canada's municipal sector. That's what Canadians want - governments working together and working smarter."
– Ann MacLean, President, Federation of Canadian Municipalities

"It's not an arrogant budget. It's a minority government budget."
– Political scientist Antonia Maioni

"This has got to make Canada more attractive. You're going to have a lower tax regime in here – lower than you'd face in the US. That's got to be a positive for Canada."
– TD chief economist Don Drummond

"In terms of a dollar-in-your-pocket benefit, the tax cuts aren't going to mean much for people that are at the bottom end of the income spectrum."
– Armine Yalnizyan, economist with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

"I think cities are in for a long haul here. Paul Martin was the best hope for cities. He hasn't delivered and I don't see anyone else in the Liberal party who thinks cities are important."
– John Sewell, urban analyst and former Toronto mayor

"We'll settle for whatever we can get."
– Norm McFarlane, mayor of Saint John, N.B.

"By expanding the [Wind Power Production Incentive] program, the Government of Canada is helping to facilitate the creation of a domestic market large enough to support the manufacturing of wind turbines and related components in Canada."
– Robert Hornung, Canadian Wind Energy Association president

"The continuing decline of Canada's aging national highway system is a threat to the health, safety and prosperity of all Canadians. Once again, our roads and highways have been ignored by the Federal Government"
– David Flewelling, President, Canadian Automobile Association

"We are pleased that the Martin government has significantly increased funding for sport in Canada. The increase demonstrates the federal government's increasing commitment to high performance sport in Canada."
– Michael Chambers, President, Canadian Olympic Committee

"By not reducing airport rent, the Government is wilfully undermining the economic competitiveness of the Canadian air transportation system. Airlines simply cannot afford to continually absorb these cost increases."
– Cliff Mackay, President and CEO, Air Transport Association of Canada

"A unique window of opportunity was available to the government for a serious and immediate boost to our economic growth - the chance to make fundamental investments in productivity for all Canadians has been missed."
– Nancy Hughes Anthony, President and CEO, Canadian Chamber of Commerce

"Having to wait three to five years to benefit in any moderate way from tax breaks identified in this budget is unacceptable given the growing surpluses in tax revenues. This is a back-ended budget that delivers a backhand blow to Canadians."
– Michael Tinkler, Certified Management Accountants of Canada


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