Zach Dubinsky

Senior Writer, CBC Investigations Unit

Zach Dubinsky is an investigative journalist. His reporting on offshore tax havens (including the Paradise Papers and Panama Papers), political corruption and organized crime has won multiple national and international awards. Phone: 416-205-7553. Twitter: @DubinskyZach Email

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Debt-ridden translation agency says it can't pay its freelancers — but still recruits them

What was once one of the largest translation firms in Canada says it's so deep in tax debt it can't pay hundreds of thousands of dollars owing to its freelance workers — but it is still soliciting them to take on new work, CBC News has found.
CBC Investigates

Corruption probe alleges Vaughan ex-mayor Di Biase may have committed fraud in building family cottage

Police investigating former Vaughan mayor Michael Di Biase over the construction of his family cottage say they turned up evidence he illicitly accepted an "advantage or benefit" from one of the biggest recipients of city construction contracts.
CBC Investigates

Illegal pot-shop bigwig should get 16 months for securities offence, prosecutor says

Wesley Weber, one of the main players behind a high-profile chain of illegal Ontario pot shops, deserves another 15 to 16 months in jail for an unrelated conviction, Ontario's securities regulator says.
CBC Investigates

Ontario health-care workers' pension has up to $430M at stake in Danish tax dispute

One of Canada's largest pension funds has been hauled into court in Denmark in a dispute about whether it improperly claimed hundreds of millions of dollars in tax rebates on Danish stock dividends.
CBC Investigates

Airbnb quietly shut down a top host amid scathing reviews, but hundreds of guests were left to stay with him

Airbnb has taken dramatic action against one of its biggest hosts in Canada, shutting down his account and eight others linked to it in the wake of a CBC investigation that unearthed duplicate listings, shady guest ratings and hundreds of traveller complaints.
CBC Investigates

Who's really behind Toronto's chain of illegal pot shops that won't quit?

They get raided by police and within hours are back in business. Toronto's CAFE, a plucky chain of pot shops, was built by a notorious fraudster and a Lamborghini-driving, Gucci-loving ex-wrestling champ, among others — though who runs it now isn't exactly clear

Toronto councillor peeved over CBC stories was privately 'threatening' reporter, lawsuit alleges

Two city councillors ordered up a multi-front PR campaign after CBC ran stories about their ties to developers, with one of the men privately making threats against a CBC reporter and compiling a "research" file on him and political foes, a lawsuit alleges.

CRA raids 15 locations in Ontario and Quebec in alleged $8.3M tax-evasion case

Canada Revenue Agency investigators and RCMP officers raided 15 locations across Ontario and Quebec today as part of a criminal probe into international tax evasion, the CRA said in a statement.
CBC Investigates

Who's behind the smiling faces of some Airbnb hosts? Multimillion-dollar corporations

While Airbnb touts stays in real people's homes and relationships with personable hosts, its biggest players in Canada are actually — and sometimes secretly — multimillion-dollar for-profit corporations, a CBC News data analysis finds.

Oilsands CO2 emissions may be far higher than companies report, scientists say

A number of major oilsands operations in Alberta seem to be emitting significantly more carbon pollution than companies have been reporting, according to a new study from federal scientists.

6 Trump actions that Mueller investigated for possible obstruction of justice

U.S. special counsel Robert Mueller has absolved Donald Trump and his team of conspiring with Russian agents. But for various reasons, Mueller couldn't conclusively state whether the president obstructed justice — and his report makes clear Trump isn't blameless.

Panama Papers spur billion-dollar global tax windfall, with $15M found in Canada

Governments worldwide have discovered more than a billion dollars in unpaid taxes to date thanks to the Panama Papers and have obtained criminal convictions. But in Canada, despite finding nearly 900 Canadian taxpayers in the leak, the CRA hasn't laid a single charge.
CBC Investigates

Public agencies paid millions to national translation firm that stiffs its workers

Government agencies have given millions of dollars in business to one of Canada's biggest translation firms in recent years in the face of mounting evidence the company was shortchanging its freelance workers.
CBC Investigates

Besieged by workers and the CRA, this once-mighty translation agency is facing financial ruin

Able Translations was once one of the biggest companies of its kind in Canada, but a CBC investigation has unearthed the vast extent of the firm's financial delinquency — and its machinations for dealing with it.

'Cash envelopes' were 'funnelled' to Toronto councillor's election campaigns, OPP allege witnesses said

Police investigating Justin Di Ciano and his council colleague Mark Grimes set forth some eye-popping, but largely uncorroborated, allegations in their bid to search a high-profile Toronto polling firm for evidence, court records show.